Saturday, January 4, 2014

4. Personal Taste 개인의 취향 (2010) Korean

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye

Drama Rating: 5.5/10     Neck Score: B

Giving Lee Min Ho a chance without 25 episodes of drama, and I wasn't too disappointed, although this all seems laughable now.  I guess I went through that phase too.  This drama is decidedly better that BOF.  His hair was much hotter in this one.  What is also laughable is that I hated Kim Ji Suk and thought he was ugly at first.  I now am not impressed with Lee Min Ho (to the point of maybe disliking him a bit) and am absolutely love Kim Ji Suk.  He's one one the top Korean men that I would love to marry, along with Lee Kwang Soo.  I even went back and watched parts of this again and was baffled at my past self, because Kim Ji Suk is very hot in this one, even if he plays a d-bag.  Also, I love Son Ye Jin.  She should get the real props in this drama, as she plays awkward and with a not so good script really well.  I heart her.  So, as a drama based off of a misunderstanding that makes the dude have to pretend that he's gay, it's decent.  Lots of steamy scenes, and a bit more adult humor.  It had some interesting twists, and the other peeps seemed needlessly mean/evil at times.  Wang Ji Hye is amazing at being a bitca, especially in this one.  Also, love her hair.

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