Sunday, January 5, 2014

36. Flower Boy Next Door 이웃집 꽃미남 (2013) Korean

Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Park Soo Jin

Drama Rating: 7/10      Neck Score: A

This is the one where I was "He doesn't look very cute" about some of the promo posters, and then the instant that I saw Yoon Si Yoon on screen I had like that cartoon hearts in my eyes moment.  I don't love the cute style of boys, but I do like them a bit.  But I especially love Yoon Si Yoon.  Also, this is the third of the Flower Boy series and it too has four really hot flower boys surrounding the normal girl.  They all live next door to her.  Two right next door, one across the hall, and one in the build right across where the windows face each other, close enough to see into each other's houses.  This one is about a recluse girl who has some kind of PTSD type deal that turns her into a recluse, to the point where she doesn't talk to people, hates door bells/knocking, and leaving her apartment in general.  She does like watching the handsome boy who lives in the across building.  One of the boys next door loves her, but doesn't try super hard to disturb her.  He's the watchy other guy type.  Then Enrique (Yoon Si Yoon), moves into the across building, notices that they're being watches, and confronts her, doing everything she hates.  Ringing the doorbell, banging on her door, shouting, and demanding interaction.  After the misunderstanding is cleared up, he decides to befriend her, forcing her out of her recluse habits.  Basically Enrique is a polar opposite: ball of energy, friendly, nosy, loud, and super fast talking sunny disposition.  He's adorable.  Also, he loves scarves.  Probably cause  it's winter and he's supposed to be from Spain.  He speaks pretty good Spanish.  Anyways, it's super funny too, although the writing on this one isn't as good, it's still super enjoyable.  It's upbeat and cheerful to watch.  Also, love the side romance in this one way more than in the other ones.

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