Sunday, January 5, 2014

35. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 (2010) Korean

Park Jin Hee, Uhm Ji Won, Wang Bit Na, Kim Bum, Lee Pil Mo

Drama Rating: 4/10      Neck Score: B

Normally a fan of noona romances, this one was just awkward.  They dwelt on it so much and made it such a big deal that it was just awkward.  A fan of Kim Bum, I just have to realize that as pretty as he is, he is consistently in shows that I'm just not going to like as well.  Oh well.  I think his best role I've seen so far is Padam Padam.  So I liked the other, side romance better and it was only ok.  I guess I just like Uhm Ji Won, even when her character is annoying, in a classy way.  It's basically a story about three 36 year old women and their romance stories.  Then we have the awkwardness of the main girl being 12 years older than the main boy and 12 years younger than his mom... or was she only 8 years younger than his mom?  It was awkward no matter how young his mom was.  They dwelt on the age difference so much that I ended up not liking it.  It was just... meh.  Not my favorite show, definitely not my favorite noona romance.

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