Sunday, January 5, 2014

33. Cheongdamdong Alice 청담동 앨리스 (2012-2013) Korean

Park Si Hoo, Moon Geun Young, So Yi Hyun, Kim Ji Suk

Drama Rating: 6/10      Neck Score: A

While this one has some really dumb drama in it, the main, very basic plot is super good.  I rewatched it and if it was always the main four peeps and the drama involving them, it would be ok, but then there is other peeps who are messed up into that, which make it more tricky and less nice.  Basically, we've got a poor girl from a poor family who works hard and is basically "Candy" (a manga character typifying the sweet hard working poor girl), until her boyfriend breaks up with her and suddenly has a ton of debt and a lawsuit.  She realizes that life sucks so matter how hard she works, and turns to her friend to teach her how to be a gold digger.  At the same time as this is happening a rich president of the fashion company shows up.  He is planning revenge on his father and the girl who left him when his father paid her off.  He also has some PTSD because of all the people in his life who left and betrayed him after he loved him (including his mom).  So there is a lot of crap in this drama, but a lot of hilarious parts.  You don't love the main girl, but you certainly sympathize with her as a more realistic character.  She isn't candy, she is a girl with a plan who wants to love, but also wants to be rich.  Then you have a way more likeable lead man, who has some serious mental issues that make it hard for him to accept reality over the dream he wants.  No one is perfect in the show and they all have to accept that life is crap.  But as a celebration of Park Si Hoo, how hot he his and how delightful his smile is, it's so worth it.  I have it constantly cued up on Netflix to the scene where he dances to Barbra Streisand.

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