Sunday, January 5, 2014

21. Muscle Girl! マッスルガール! (2011) Japanese

Ichikawa Yui, Lee Hong Ki

Drama Rating: 3/10     Neck Score: B-

Lee Hong Ki is like the only man in it.  There are just a bunch of women wrestlers so Hong Ki's neck = A the lack of other necks brings the score down.  I watched it because I wanted to see a drama where Hong Ki was the lead, since he was my favorite from You're Beautiful, but this was just silliness.  It's about Girl's Pro Wrestling in Japan, and there is like zero romance type deal in it.  I seriously don't get why they felt the need to even put Lee Hong Ki in it.  He was a runaway Kpop star who was looking for his mom the whole time.  He was so obsessed with that, that he didn't notice that the lead girl had the hots for him, so that never happened.  Also, the drama surrounding the wrestling school was super lame.  It was only 10 episodes, but none of the drama was very compelling, except maybe wanting Hong Ki to find is mom, but even that was not so huge.  Oh well.  Hong Ki made some cute faces, as he was squashed while being a ref for the girls.

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