Tuesday, January 14, 2014

134. Boarding House 24 하숙 24번지 (2014) Korean

Kim Kwang Kyu, Park Se Mi, Ken, Kim Dong Joon, Im Hyun Tae,  Kim Sa Eun, Min Do Hee, Jo Hyun Young

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A

So, that was cutely weird.  Also a bit annoying.  It had potential that was wasted, especially where writing is concerned and being an idol sitcom didn't always have the best acting, but was sincerely cute at least.  Once again the last episode left so much to be desired.  They got the couples I wanted together, mostly, but not really enough to actually satisfy anyone.  I don't see the purpose of those time jumps!  I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to suddenly have it be a year later, even if they were setting that up in the beginning.  Give me a better reason than that, because it sucked.  Anyways, can I say something about Im Hyun Tae, aka High Top?  I wrote a whole post about him actually.  Basically he was the best, and I really like his group Bigflo too.  Especially him.  He was one of the peeps that saved the show for me.  I liked everyone, but some of the story-lines were just not doing it for me, such as wasting their time with a love triangle when they should have given more time to the love line or square that they dropped to leave that couple only with hints at maybe someday getting together, but maybe not.  Hope is not enough, writers, you had one job and copped out on the last episode... not that your writing was that amazing anyway.  It's not like this was going to get extended or anything, so I don't know why you rushed through the ending in that randomly weird way.  Blah blah blah, same old story again.  Also, stop trying to trick people when the story is that predictable, cause lame.

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