Saturday, January 11, 2014

115. Blade Man 아이언맨 (2014) Korean

Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, Han Jung Soo, Kim Gab Soo

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: B

Ok... that was... ok... um... not sure what else to say about it.  It had potential but then... it was all never fulfilled.  Even cruelly crushed under the oppressive weights of stereotypes.  They wanted something different and interesting?  Then why did they fall back on every trope ever?  Also it was horribly written.  Let's end every episode with a cliffhanger where something bad, usually revealing his Blade Man identity, happens, only to either just skip passed it without really explaining how he got out of the situation except some lame little "the sun blinded everyone" and move on.  Impossible.  "You wrote a bad drama, Pete." If they had just kept it to 16 episodes, without bringing already dead people back to turn it into a completely predictable makjang fest love triangle of mopey self-depressing crap, it might have been ok.  At least a 6/10, but this... I'm not even sure it deserves 4.  It was so bad.  It was boring and lame, and didn't use the blade thing enough... dumb.  At least we had Han Jung Soo playing Secretary Ko.  He was the only thing that saved this show at all.  The only reason to give it a 4.  He deserves a 10 alone (maybe along with Lee Joo Seung who played the little brother so well, even if his character was written so pitiably and with no real point except to be pitiable).  That was one huge problem.  Everyone was so two-dimensional, with no character depth or improvement, besides some sob story attached to their psychological problems. Total crap.

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