Thursday, January 9, 2014

103. Love Family 有愛一家人 (2013) Taiwanese

Chris Wang, Jack Li, Serena Fang, Amanda Chou

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A+

Why, oh why, Taiwan?  It started out boring, and then got decently good, and then went so dramatically drawn out that there was no way that couple could actually get back together again because he was being a noble idiot to the point of being an outright d-bag (complete with the side swoop d-bag hair) but no they wrap it all up in the last episode magically and fill it with cheesy crap hoping we'll forgive them.  Happens every time.  But, I do have to say that the bromance in this was the best in the entire world.  Sheng Ren and Long Shi were the best.  That bromance literally make everything worth it.  The part that bugged me the most was how she faked it, that really cheapened the whole emotional experience that we all went through.  She's one good actress... boo!  The writing was so bad in the last quarter that it almost ruined the earlier experience for me.  But they do love to drag things out, don't they?  Never making it so bad that you want to die, but always snatching happiness right at the moment it could have happened, right until the very end.  It's very frustrating when you've already sat through 60 episodes of fun and cute only to be tortured with 11 episodes of bitter misunderstandings before they lamely get together at the end.  Boo.

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