Friday, November 4, 2016

218. Second to Last Love 끝에서 두번째 사랑 (2016) Korean

Kim Hee Ae, Ji Jin Hee, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Seul Gi

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: B

What started out as a great cast of characters was sadly lessened by not great writing.  The set up was decent.  I am a sucker for old people romances these days, and this OTP was my favorite.  They were so smart and cool about most things, and so complimentary to each other.  They really balanced each other out.  I didn't like it when Cordon was sweet on her, so that was lame.  There was no reason behind it really.  But then, that was probably because we were 100% behind the Cordon/Seul Gi romance, which might also be the reason I was so disappointed at the ending.  The ending was so lame.  The last two episodes were so preachy, boring, and slow.  All we wanted was all the couples (especially Seul Gi and Cordon) to make out!  Well, honestly the writing was pretty bad.  The villains' sole purpose in life was to screw over Kang Min Joo and especially Go Sang Sik.  Literally wanted them to crash and burn because they were too awesome to be left alone, apparently.  So lame.  That smarmy face was the WORST!  How did he not get investigated and fired a million years ago?  It made no sense, and then they dragged it out so that everything could dramatically be resolved at once and then make the last two episodes so boring that we couldn't pay attention.  How is it that the oldest couple got the most action?  The bar keeper and vice mayor?  They're the only ones who get to make out?  Why?  Let the bestie romance make out!  So while the characters (not the villains) were good, the drama wasn't written well and so was a bit lame.  But I still loved the characters enough to watch and finish it.  But that lame ending though.  Sigh.

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