Tuesday, March 29, 2016

200. Creating Destiny 인연 만들기 (2009) Korean

Eugene, Ki Tae Young, Kim Jung-Nan, Byeon Woo Min

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: B

Ugh, this show was so long and boring.  I only watched it because I wanted to see the drama where Eugene and Ki Tae Young fell in love.  This was spurred by Ki Tae Young playing that hot doctor in To the Beautiful You.  I loved the main couple in this.  The problem is that they only had 33% of the screen time... at the most.  I'm inclined to think that they didn't even get that at times.  The other third went to the older sister and her poo butt baby daddy.  I was most dissatisfied with that whole story.  Gyuhan!!!!!  He was the only character in this whole show who was smart and yet he was the only one who was unhappy at the end.  Talk about lame.  This show had the chance to talk about so many things that are issues, such as single moms and adoption, and it fell so short of its potential.  Disappointing.  I would get so bored having to sit through the poo butt drama, and then the other 33% which was just the busy body parents and grandparents messing everyone's lives up with their dramatic crap.  It also had all the tropes that could possibly happen (except, thank goodness, amnesia), forced relationships, evil bitcas who don't even have a chance, first loves (who are also bitcas) showing up right as things start to get good, birth secrets, cancer, evil chaebol parents, heart attack change of hearts... you name it, this show had it.  I loved the main couple, the cappuccino couple, and even bitca/baby poo butt (aka the 2nd leads) couple.  But I got so annoyed at everyone else.  Too much everyone else.  Too much slow moving crap.  Too much screen time on not my favorite couples.  Boo.  Well, at least I can say that I finished it.  Also, I ship that real life couple in real life, because they are great.  The end.

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