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Aladdin and the Three Amigos: Chuno is Full of Nicknames

We are the three aAAAAAAAAmigos!  And amigos forever we'll be.... EEEEEEEEEEE!

That was literally the first thing that popped into all of our heads as we started the first episode of Chuno.  And with these three amigos being shirtless hotties, we were excited to watch... at first.  Oh Chuno, so good, yet so draggy.  Once I hit episode 11, it was awesome, but getting to that point was frustrating.  It was frustrating after that too.  But the thing that was consistently good, despite the near misses and frustrating no talk just fight and die mentality, was how good the characters were.  We had names for all of them, like usual.  And even the ones I hated most of the time made me cry by the end.  Nice development.

The Three Amigos- the Chuno

First off these three bros made me cry and scream the most.  Every time I thought one of them was going to die... ugh.  They just loved each other so much, even when they would never admit it, and fight, and do stupid things.  Aw.  The show wouldn't have been complete without any of them.

Aladdin- Dae Gil

My little brother insisted on calling him Aladdin, even though he didn't watch the show with me.  Mostly because he wore that little pink vest for the first half.  I mean, sexy Aladdin, of course.  I wasn't complaining.

And as jerky and cold as he was at the start, that heart of gold and loyalty never changed and he was amazing at the end... and the whole time really.

Monkey- Wangson

Mmmmm, that neck. Rawr.

I am not so secretly in love with Kim Ji Suk, and him as Monkey in this was so hilarious.  He was just a goofy, stupid, lovable idiot in this, and his fighting style was definitely monkey.  He climbed and hopped and messed around, and was just a general butt face.

He was always complaining and picking fights, and I probably screamed the most every time I thought he was going to die.

So I of course took too many pictures of him... haha, not sorry.  Oh, Monkey.

Secretary Ko- General Choi

Out of everything I've seen Han Jung Soo in, I don't know why Secretary Ko stuck.  Blade Man was an awful show and he was the only good part?  I guess it's easier to say than grim reaper dude, etc?

He is a sexy, sexy man, and I don't blame the Jumos for falling for him at all.

Arms/Stuffed Shirt- Song Taeho

We call Oh Ji Ho "Arms" because this man has nice arms.  And he was a really good guy in this, although in the whole second half I was frustrated by his stubbornness and nobility crap that I started calling him Stuffed Shirt, because he seriously needed to get a clue.  I mean he had good intentions but that was about it.  He had vague ideals with no plan behind them, which is why he needed a smart person to hit him over the head and give him a path that worked.

Basket Hat/Bucket Headed Slayer

He always had this basket hat on his head, and he was always killing people.  I hated and screamed at him the most in the whole drama (especially when he was hurting Monkey) but then he had the nerve to make me cry at the end.  Seriously, dude, why?

Orabeoni Girl/Turban Girl- Kiddo

I thought she was annoying at first, but she had good development, and I got her at times.  She just never had a chance in a sad tragedy type deal like this, so her devotion and loyalty was tear jerking, really.

Main Girl or Dainty

She really just was so classy and smart the whole time.  That meant she was a little boring, but at the same time she's showing up these idiot men with her smartness and is wholly able to take care of herself when she has to, plus she is super classy the whole time.  In fact we were constantly making fun of how clean she stayed in her white dress while travelling, because of the whole symbol of purity and blah blah that she was.  But even with all that her character was pretty cool, so um, yeah.

Kono/Bad Prime Minister Dude

Not super inventive, but this guy is seriously bad news.  Like overly bad.

Nasty Teeth

What a nice close up of those nasty teeth.  Sung Dong Il will never cease to amaze me.  He is a flipping genius.  His characters, no matter who they are, are always so well-rounded and great, even when they are nasty slave hunter dudes.  He made me cry too.  How?  He was nasty and mean!  But he did it, because he is amazing.

The Jumos

Tavern keepers who are both in love with Secretary Ko, and who wouldn't blame them.  I'm still not sure why they got so much screen time, since they weren't super important to the plot, but they had pretty good developed characters nonetheless.

Yeobo Yeobo

I think he's in every sageuk ever.

Bad-A Assassin Girl

She was so bad-a and cool.  I'm sad she died so quickly.  She had some good chemistry with Arms too... until he killed her.  Sigh.

Baby Doll Prince

Most docile baby/kid in the world.  He just sits there and lets himself get carried away... like all the time.  He just sits there- duh.

Eonni/Cool Hair

He always makes shows better with his thuggish outside, irresistible grin, and perfect comedy.  I heart him.

Slave Couple

I struggled with this story-line at first, because it was a bit boring.  But they turned out to be some of the more compelling characters in the whole show.  And pretty bad-a and cool too.  But couldn't they have like kissed or something a whole lot sooner?

Slave Friend

I liked him, even though he was a scaredy cat.  He was a cool dude.  The best part about the slave plots was them talking about things, like this scene, where they are discussing whether the king takes a leak/dump or not.


This cameo was amazing!  I screamed out SHUNJI! when he first popped onto screen.  He made plenty of Shunji faces too.

I secretly think he was outright Shunji and not just Park Ki Woong playing the dude... only this was before Gaksital... haha.


I guess Gaksital was a reunion of this show, because it can't be the other way around.

The Wife

I am amazed by this woman who is able to pull off the palsy/physically handicapped character so well.  She did it so believably and seriously was able to pull out all the other acting stops at the same time as well.  Amazing.

So I will now finish up with some extra pictures of Dae Gil and Monkey that I happened to have, haha.

There was a lot of good fight scenes.  In fact in the first 8 episodes, that's all that there was, since the plot wasn't really moving along.

Monkey, in his natural habitat.

I love how Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk) walks with such swag, with his hands on his hips, haha.

I have to say that I was a little sad that the weather turned and they stopped wearing just vests and actually put on some clothes.  Sad.

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