Friday, January 8, 2016

182. Love Me, If You Dare 他来了请闭眼 (2015) Chinese

Wallace Huo, Ma Sichun, Edward Zhang, Wang Kai, Andrew Yin

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A++

I'm impressed.  This actually managed to creep me out a little at one spot.  Like I got little chills and thought "maybe I shouldn't be watching this alone at night" like I was.  But the fact that this was go good in spite of the horrific English speaking actors that had overly large parts in this is impressive too.  The second half of the show takes place in the U.S. so it is chalked full of actors speaking English who are supposed to be American.  There was that Susan FBI Profiler who was better than most English speaking actors in an Asian drama in the fact that she at least tried to sound American, but she also sounded like she was trying to sound cool and sexy all the time.  Then there was the dude from internal affairs who was clearly Russian and struggled with pronouncing his lines.  He acted a bit better than most.  There were a few others who just made me laugh every time they were on screen, like Dr. Barnes and that old dude... hahaha.  But a show can be better than its English speaking actors, which is a relief.  This show was full of hot Chinese men, such as Wallace Huo, who I started the show for.  He was a good pick for this egotistical criminal profiler with a potential dark side, since he plays creepy, egotistical, and cute all really well.  His creepy side is even sexy, which is true but weird to say out loud.  Then of course there is Wang Kai, who has a blessed jawline.  But the neck I fell for the most was Andrew Yin (Yin Zhen) also known as Cute Neck or the Baby GD Best Friend.  I thought he was just cute at first, and then I saw him in a polo and was a goner... happy sigh... Ahem, back to the important part.  The show itself.  There were lots of nice plot twists and darkness.  It certainly didn't hold back in the gruesome crimes department.  They were all pretty bad, which was good for a crime drama, and then when it started getting really psychological in the plot twists, I liked it even more.  There were several times when I thought everyone was going to die it was so good.  Like everyone.  But then there were also really confusing moments with... alternate endings?  I'm not really sure what was going on there.  Like what could have happened and then what really did?  Still confused about that.  Oh well. Also, some of the solutions seemed a bit fantastical.  Well... I guess it goes both ways when it comes to predicting what the hero or villain will do.  I could predict some things, but other things were not necessarily surprising, but not typical, which is generally good.  Basically it was a good, dark, psychological crime romance with good plot twists, plenty of blood, and a bunch of English speaking actors that just have to be tolerated because the rest of the show is good.

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