Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's Not Fall For Magic: Kpop Groups Actually Treated As Separate People!?!

I've been thinking a lot about the new trends in Kpop music videos.  Recently there have been a lot of things that I have liked.  There have been a lot of really good songs and also a lot of music videos that have been different enough to make me do the nod of approval.  One of the trends that I noticed was the one where our boys were actually treated like separate people.

You know how most groups have to go through that thing at one point in time where they hire one actress and the entire group interacts with her as if they are the same person or something.  It's weird, but they pretty much all do it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

180. Love Cells 1&2 연애세포 (2014 & 2015) Korean

Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, Nam Ji Hyun, Baek Sung Hyun, Im Seul Ong, Jo Bo Ah, Park Eun Ji, Choi Young Min

Drama Rating: 7(4)/10     Neck Score: A

I was bored one day, so I decided to watch Love Cells 2.  Don't ask me why I watched the second season before watching the first, I was probably just too late to search for the first one while the second one was right there in my suggestions feed.  It might be a good thing because it was so much inferior to the first season that had I watched the first I might have been doubly disappointed.  It was just boring.  The only thing good about it was Kim Yoo Jung and Im Seul Ong fighting and him distracting her with a laser pointer.  The rest was just over-the-top and not in a good way.  Then I watched the first one and I finally realize why everyone loved it so much.  It's hilarious and full of interesting plot twists.  It also made so much more sense with her having magic tools (awesomely advertised by Park Joon Hyung) to help him and there being the awesome Kim Woo Bin cameo as the King of Romance/Love Cell Hunter.  Also, Jang Hyuk cameo.  That man is amazing.  So much good acting with no lines.  It was over-the-top and in a good way.  It was hilarious.  It also left us surprised and in a good way.  Not so predictable.  So I highly recommend the first season and not the second one.  Unless you really loved the first and want more Navi.  Just know, it's highly inferior.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

173. She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 (2015) Korean

Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Go Joon Hee, Choi Siwon

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A

This drama was just fun.  I had a lot of fun watching it, even if there were gaping holes at times.  Like, it bothered me at first that they had Seo Joon come off as such a jerk-faced butt head at first.  That seemed to be way out of character for him.  Even with stress and misunderstandings as an excuse.  But they made up for it in a big way.  By the end, they were one of my favorite couples of all time.  What a cute OTP.  I really had second lead syndrome for Siwon, especially when he was making all those amazing faces.  So much fun!  I also loved the friendship between Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee).  We see so many bromances that it was refreshing to see a... what is the word for that?  Womance?  Yeah, something like that.  I shipped that friendship.  As frustrating as it was, I liked that they had the relationship grow before he knew who she was.  That made it more real and feely when he finally found out.  Then I could ship the OTP like crazy.  I liked how they showed the level of understanding between our main couple that made them perfect for each other and helped us (well me anyway) get over Siwon.  I loved Siwon to the end, but I knew that he was just friends material, because there was that level of knowing and understanding that was missing.  That might be why I loved it so much.  There was no bitca and no evil second male lead.  I loved everyone in the whole show.  When Ha Ri started falling for Seong Joon, I was worried for her because she was going to get hurt, and the guilt she was feeling, yeah no bitca there, just her being stupid.  And Siwon was like the nicest (and goofiest) guy on the planet who saw her beauty from the start.  Cute!  Although, I did think that his part was too drawn out and mopey at the end.  That was a bit boring.  I even cared about the silly side romance between Gold Digger and Happy Boy.  Anyway, no, it's not perfect, but it's fun.  And I have to give it major props for avoiding some of the major tropes, such as prolonged noble idiocy, bitcas, one year time jumps (with long distance relationships that magically last even when they lose contact), and makeovers that last forever.  They touched on all of them, but twisted them for the better.  Bravo!

172. Sassy, Go Go 발칙하게 고고 (2015) Korean

Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Keun, Cha Hak Yeon, Ji Soo, Cha Hak Yeon (N), Kim Ji Suk

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A++

I don't normally like high school dramas.  I think cheer leading is stupid.  I liked this drama.  Why?  Because it wasn't really about cheer leading and it wasn't the typical angsty high school drama.  It was about being friends, working together, and for realsies high school issues.  Yes, it was still ridiculous and over the top a lot, but it managed to stay cute and fun thr whole way through.  This was probably because the bulk of the cast was dynamite.  I mean, Sissy Cute Neck (Lee Won Keun) was adorable.  We've appreciated him since his Phantom days, and he was literally the only good thing about Hyde Jekyll Me, so it was good to see him finally rocking a lead.  Eun Ji was just great.  A lead girl we could actually get behind, even when she was being way too nice.  Ji Soo, oh my freak.  He can even make bad writing and cheese crap good.  That boy is amazing.  I loved the bromance between Ji Soo and Sissy Cute Neck.  Best bromance ever, which lead to the best resolution of a love triangle ever.  I also really loved the childhood besties that were Eun Ji and N.  Even though N is not amazing yet, he wasn't the worst idol newly turned actor ever, and it worked for his character.  I heart Kim Ji Suk.  Can I just marry him now?  The teachers in high school dramas really get shafted a lot, but he really made his role awesome, but then I am also highly biased.  The worst part of this show was the ridiculous ways they neatly wrapped everything up in the end.  I like that they tied up all the loose ends and hinted at all the ships that we had (like the teachers), but it was admittedly cheesy.  So it was a good drama, but not like amazing.  I think the Ji Soo shippers might have had a harder time with it than I did.  I consistently liked it (except when they were smacking on my Kim Ji Suk, then I was angry).

Monday, November 2, 2015

VIXX's Leo Wins a High Spot on the Top 10 Sexy Necks List

VIXX is making a comeback.  I'm getting excited.  I've actually been meaning to add Leo to my Top 10 Sexy Necks list since Beautiful Liar, but I've been busy.  But really, my obsession with him isn't going to stop anytime soon, so I had better just put him where he belongs on that list and have done with it.  Because that man is beautiful, and his neck is glorious.

That's not the only thing that's glorious.  Pretty much everything about him is awesome.  He's like 100% swoon worthy.  I could just fill this post with pictures of him, and be done.  Actually, that's probably what this is going to be.  I mean, I already took up half my post about sultry songs just on Beautiful Liar, so.... Yeah.