Saturday, October 10, 2015

171. Noble, My Love 고결한 그대 (2015) Korean

Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Kyung, Park Eun Suk, Kim Dong Suk

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A+

Pure fan service.  It was basically the Sung Hoon is a sexy, sexy man show.  It was a fluffy little love/hate love story, and since it was a web drama, with twenty 15 min long episodes, it gets right to the tension and chemistry, with plenty of shirtlessness to oogle at. Sung Hoon's voice is super sexy.  Their chemistry is good.  She is a good kind of plucky, and she stays plucky the whole time.  Everyone else is a bit annoying at times, but never in it for long, so no biggie.  That other dude though.  He was lame.  Just a plot device to make sexy voiced Sung Hoon get jealous, which of course is hilarious.  Basically it's super predictable, fluffy fan service and we love it.  My little sister, who watched it with me, was all "he's a jerk" at the beginning, and by the end she was super fan girling.  Nothing like a little brother to suddenly arrive and make our couple suddenly skinshippy and completely together.  She liked it when they were together and being cute.  Then, all past jerkiness was almost forgotten.  I thought it was hilarious how he was basically just the worst at trying to win a girl.  He loves her, so he throws money at her and gives her a hard time.  Yeah, that works every time.  Yes, he did get the girl in the end, but only after she finally figured out he wasn't really a jerk.  So hilarious, predictable, and fluffy show completely about a sexy, sexy man with a sexy voice and body.  Um, yes, please.

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