Saturday, October 10, 2015

165. Mrs. Cop 미세스 캅 (2015) Korean

Kim Hee Ae, Kim Min Jong, Lee Da Hee, Son Ho Jun

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A

Well, the basic concept of this drama was good.  I liked that it was about strong female characters who kicked-a.  I also liked how the title character was an ahjumma who couldn't really run or fight anymore but she still kicked-a in awesomeness.  The cases they worked on were good at first.  Then it all went campy.  The writing was always bad.  The dialog was just awful.  It made the lead male come off as a pervert at first.  I was all "wut?  I started this show for this?"  But it was just incredibly bad writing.  I mean, it took 18 episodes for the younger couple to kiss, and I don't even know how the older couple suddenly managed to be together.  It was like random and not supported when she finally started taking him seriously.  I don't think it was doing Korean police any favors either, because it made them all come off as violent and hot tempered.  So much police brutality, tsk tsk.  The bad dude was also just way over the top.  If he can do something bat-shiz crazy, you can count on him to actually do it.  From smashing statues full of gold bars to ordering hits on cops, to laughing insanely as he fakes his own death by lighting a car on fire.  Yeah, the concept was good.  I was hoping for something as good as Angry Mom.  Instead, I got campy cheese that had some attractive men in it and some awesome bad-a women.  Yep, the women ran the show in this and the men looked pretty.  At least there was that role reversal aspect.  Everything else... meh.

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