Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adventures in Japanese Candyland: September

I know I planned to only eat one of these a day to stretch out my Japan Candyland Adventure for a full week (plus a day, since there are only 8 things this month), but Lizabreff went and sprained her ankle this morning, so to cheer her up, we had a Japan Crate binge party instead.  Lesson learned: running is evil.  So are sidewalks and grass pot holes.  Haha.  Also, savoring candy for a week is fun.  Binge eating it with an invalid friend is fun too.

This month they must have run out of regular boxes, because I def totes don't have premium. It looked so empty too, with only the regular stuffs in it.  It was all rattling around in the box, haha.  Just so you all know, if you didn't already, when you get premium they give you three to four more items every month, and they always sound so good that you wish that you were paying for them so you could eat them, but you aren't, so you're sad.  I'm not paying for any of this, so it doesn't mean much to me... until my gift subscription runs out next month.  Sad day.

Item 1: Lemon Squash

I ate this the first day, before our binge party.   I was in the mood to try the Lemon Squash first. It was very punchy. Not a strong lemon flavor, but I think I've gotten used to the way that lemonade is made around me ;) (as in Lizabreff's family makes it so strong that it can eat through your tongue.  In comparison with that it is super watery.  I liked it way better out of the bottle than poured over ice.  So if you like stronger more flavorful lemonade, then just put it in the fridge to chill it.  Minus the ice.

Item 2: Sweet Corn Pretz

Omo. HOW DID THEY MAKE THEM TASTE EXACTLY LIKE SWEET CORN ON THE COB!?!?!? It was amazing! I loved them, but they were weird. They smell exactly like corn too, which is weird when you first put them in your mouth, because you don't know what to expect, but they're so good!

Item 3: Fran

This is what Pocky wishes it could be like. The rich buttery cookies are covered with thick, rich, whipped chocolate which is super creamy and delicious. It was Melted in my mouth and then had that rich buttery cookie. Yum, yum, yum.

Item 4: Glug Glug Want Chocolate

It's like a fish shaped ice cream cone filled with fluffy chocolate mousse. The mousse is whipped and filled with little air pockets to give it an extra fluffy texture. It was fun and yummy.  I've literally had a red bean ice cream version of this from Korea which was also good.  I don't know if it's the same thing... I could probably find out though.  This comes in other flavors like red bean too, they just sent me the chocolate kind... which was delicious, so no complaints.

Item 5: Full Gurt Candy

Hard candy on the outside and like cookie on the inside. The blueberry tasted like a weird mix of Cap'n Crunch and bubblegum. Only this kind doesn't cut up your mouth. The mango tasted better on all accounts. Cuz no weird food comparisons. It's better to just crunch and chew. Better flavor and experience.

Item 6: Nata de coco Grape Gummy

The texture was addicting, but I could totally see other peeps hating it. It's a interesting texture. It's soft, jelly, fluffy, powdery, and chewy all at once. It basically is coconut jelly stuff that's grape flavored. The grape is not amazing, but I couldn't stop popping them in my mouth. Maybe because I love coconut jellies.

Item 7: Konpeito

Sugar candy. Very similar to rock candy. Layers of flavored sugar over a little lump of sugar so when you bite it you get the grainy goodness of a sugar lump. I like sugar, so I loved these.  Plus, those Spirited Away soot spirits love them, and they're cute.

Item 8: Moko Moko Toilet 3

Yep, that's right. It's candy that you drink from a toilet that you put together and decorate yourself. I just drank fizzy crap from a Barbie sized toilet. Woohoo. It was like fizzy pixie stick juice. It fizzles and foamed and didn't taste that good, but wasn't total crap either. Idk. You just have to experience it yourself. The sensation of drinking out of a toilet. It's just weird. That's the only way to describe it. Ok. That's all.

I feel like there were a lot of snacky type things this month, but maybe that is just because that Sweet Corn Pretz and the Fran were my favorites.  They were so good!  I still can't get over how amazingly delicious and exactly like corn the Pretz was.  Mind blowing.  The Fran was just heavenly.  I like how they do their fluffy whipped chocolate and that's no joke.  One thing that eating everything at once did was increase the enthusiasm.  It sort of built off of each item and stuff.  Of course by the time I reached that ridiculous toilet drink candy I was a bit burnt out, but I don't think my opinion would have changed for that one.  It's just weird.  Also, Sugar Candy.  I like sugar.  Haha.  The Konpeito would have to be my other favorite.  It was just simple, cute, and good.  So binge session = success!

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