Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Adventures in Japanese Candyland: August

This may seem like an advertisement for Japan Crate, it's certainly not hurting them, but I recently won a 3 month gift subscription in a work raffle.  I never win anything so that was exciting.  I might have been the only person to put my ticket in that drawing pot, but that would be my luck, wouldn't it?  No one has the adventuring spirit anymore, sigh.  Or maybe they just were being more practical (like putting theirs towards a $100 Amazon gift certificate).

Anyways, here I am, after the first month, writing reviews of all the candy I tried in this month.  It's been a pretty fun 9 days of candy stuffs.

Day 1 Japan Crate item: Crackling Cotton. Basically cotton candy pop rocks. The weird sensation of fluffy cotton candy with crunchy crystals and all of it crackles and pops on your tongue. Grape flavor was good. Might actually be more poppy than pop rocks. Fun sensation.

Day 2 Japan Crate item: Pucca. Pretzel fish (I think they're supposed to be shells) filled with chocolate cream. Really good. I like everything about them. Yum.

Day 3 Japan Crate item: Shuwa Shuwa Soda Candy. I'm reminded of airborne or one of those fizzy vitamin drinks. It has a powdery sort of fizz to it the second you put it in your mouth. But it doesn't taste quite as bad as airborne. But it's definitely weird. Fizzy candy is cool, I guess. The grape was the best. I don't think I've ever had grape flavored airborne, so that's probably why.

Day 4 Japan Crate: Pretz. Basically pretzel stick things with a tangy salty soy sauce coating. Yum. Good savory flavor. The shape is like a flat Pocky, but thicker, minus the frosting and lots of seasoning. Yum.

Day 5 Japan Crate item: Mario Kart Gum. It's bubble gum. The fruit kind. Softer than most bubble gum, tastes just like most bubble gum, but keeps it's flavor just as long. Funnest part is the characters on the packaging.

Day 6 Japan Crate item: Chocoroom DIY. It's all about the experience. You get to make your own cute little mushroom shaped chocolates. It's fun and then you have a tasty little treat when you're done. Tastes like standard melting chocolates in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, with standard biscuit stems. Fun.

Day 7 Japan Crate item: Crayon Shin-Chan Candy. The box is the best part. You push the top part down and his waist drops and you see his little butt crack, haha. It's just fun to push up and down and pop a candy out the hole in the back. The candy is like Runts, only it's tastes more like bubble gum... it's Ramune flavored, which after looking it up, is a soft drink. I thought I had to suck them at first, which resulted in a nasty flavor like sardine jelly beans, but chewing them is tasty like bubble gumish runts. Same consistency- hard with a powdery center.

Day 8 Japan Crate item: Pokémon Puzzle Gum. This is clearly just about the puzzle, since it's all that packaging for just one piece of gum. And it's the exact same gum as the Mario Kart Gum too. The sticker puzzle is cool too, and I'm sure it and the cards that come with it are highly collectible. Doesn't do me much good, but it was fun.

Day 9 Japan Crate item: Puzzle & Dragons x Bikkuriman Wafer. It is a wafer cookie that is better than most because it's chocolate layer is thicker and creamier than most. Plus you get a P&D sticker. Very collectible. Yum.

I think the Crackling Cotton and the Pucca were by far my favorites.  The Pucca because the chocolate centers were so creamy and the pretzel was better than most of those cookie type things.  The Crackling Cotton was just amazing.  The fluffy vs the sizzle pop, vs the crunch, it was just fun.  I wished there had been more of it.  The worst was probably the gum.  It just wasn't special, but at least it had fun packaging.

Stay tuned for next month's Japan Crate adventures.  Should be exciting.

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