Tuesday, August 25, 2015

166. One Sunny Day 좋은 날 (2014) Korean

So Ji Sub, Kim Ji Won, Lee Jong Hyuk, Im Joo Eun, Lee Jong Hyun

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A

Emphasis on the ONE sunny day, because there was only one day in the whole show that was sunny.  It rained every other day.  Not just rain, but pouring.  I guess this is my first web drama.  With ten 15 minute episodes, it's basically the length of a movie.  It was about as exciting as most Korean romance movies I've seen.  Slow moving and low on the skinship.  However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  This is a journey of healing.  Ji Ho (So Ji Sub) is super sad and trying to get over this girl.  He's also a shy quiet type anyways.  The relationship is more organic in that slow movingness.  Also, the situations they find themselves in, and how they act in those situation has a more for real feel to them.  Basically it's cute.  The end.  Although they could have given us an abs shot... just saying.

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