Friday, April 17, 2015

A Day in the Life of K-Drama Besties

Sometimes, it's the best thing in the world to have a best friend who is also a K-Drama addict.  K-Dramas are just part of our everyday life, and they work their way into our everyday conversation.  Such as when we are trying to figure out how to make our phones cooler (because of course we have couple phones).

Or when we are insulting each other in other languages, but using hangul to spell it out.  (시누 내구 or Shinu naegu = sinu nägu, which is "your face" in Estonian.  Which then lead to German and English "your faces," etc.)  Basically, we're just crazy and we love it.

So here is a real life conversation we had that started out as something legitimate, and ended up... yeah, with plenty of KDrama references on the way.  I had sent Lizabreff a photo, but accidentally emailed it instead of texting it, which lead to her being confused as to why I emailed it, which lead to this wonderful conversation:

Yes, this sort of thing is a daily occurrence, and yes we do call each other Yeobo Yeobo and Jagiya, because we're weird like that.  It's a best friends thing... a extra weird one.  Also, yes, that is Kim Ji Suk on my texting background.

He's just my favorite second male lead ever.  I dream of a day when he'll be a male lead... or my male lead (hahaha).  You should see Lizabreff's texting screen:

Yep, we're both awesome like that.

Another funny thing about the Kill Me Heal Me reference is how when we took this (maybe Allkpop) quiz about which Kill Me Heal Me alter ego you are, I got Perry Park.  So that's like a running joke, because Perry Park was like the best.  Haha.

So yeah, that's our life.  K-Dramas are just a big part of it, and it's wonderful.  So is blogging about them, because then I can share these ridiculous experiences we have together with all of you, ahssa!