Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend, or No Min Woo's Sexy Abs, Face, Butt, and Lips

Previously, in my post More Men Who Make Me Watch Drama Against My Will: Hot Bods Edition, I confessed that I watched Full House Take 2 just for No Min Woo and his skinny, muscular body (and face that's prettier than most girls').

I also stated that I was probably going to watch The Greatest Marriage for him... but I never did.  It sounded too crazy and I was already watching too many shows at that time.  Lucky me, he's already in another drama and his abs seems to be what it's all about.  Yes!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Girl Who Sees Yoochun Being Better at Comedy... and Everything Else

Why do all the good post worthy dramas have to begin/end right when finals and busy happens?  Here I am trying to catch up on all my posts when I should be writing papers and completing projects... or going to bed.  Whatever, I needed to post this because I love this drama.

It's Yoochun, of course I love it.  Also, it's Yoochun playing a perfect deadpan.  Yes, yes, yes.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shine or Go Crazy for Goryeo Lee Gun- Another Nickname Post

What is better than Lee Gun?  Nothing, but what is pretty much equally awesome is fighting Goryeo Lee Gun, complete with facial hair and plenty of shirtlessness.

He's literally the only reason to watch this show.  Literally?  Ok, there are other reasons, but they are probably all associated with Jang Hyuk.

A Day in the Life of K-Drama Besties

Sometimes, it's the best thing in the world to have a best friend who is also a K-Drama addict.  K-Dramas are just part of our everyday life, and they work their way into our everyday conversation.  Such as when we are trying to figure out how to make our phones cooler (because of course we have couple phones).

Or when we are insulting each other in other languages, but using hangul to spell it out.  (시누 내구 or Shinu naegu = sinu nägu, which is "your face" in Estonian.  Which then lead to German and English "your faces," etc.)  Basically, we're just crazy and we love it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Murphy's Law of Love: Sexy Stares and Skinship From Episode One

Taiwanese dramas are great.  But they are also even more tropey and formulaic than Korean dramas.  They tend to lean towards the fatey things way more.  They are super fluffy too, mostly.  But that is exactly their charm.  They are quick to the chemistry stuffs, giving us feels and awkward humor from episode one.

When discussing this, Lizabreff and I summarized that while Kdramas withhold to build the tension for the moment they get together (only to be broken up only moments later), Tdramas give you lots of moments with chemistry, sexual tension, and romantic humor, they drag the drama out with lots of ups and down.  They also have the one trick I absolutely hate.  The mid-series bitca.  I hate having the bitca show up right as things are going great.  Either have her there the whole time, or never there.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lee Seo Jin, My Ahjussi Spirit Animal

While catching up on Running Man, I serendipitously found my ahjussi soulmate in episode 229.  He is literally the same as me- a lazy grumpy cat.

I'm not like that all the time... (looking around to see Lizabreff ready to contradict me... also to claim her rights as the creator of this post's title).  Ok, not always, but a lot.  Especially when it comes to things that are not worth it to me, like silly competition and random games.  I like to see Running Man go through it, but I can totally see myself completely acting like Lee Seo Jin if ever faced with a Running Man-like situation.  So here are some examples that completely made me laugh because I could completely relate: