Friday, March 6, 2015

Memery of 2014... 2015... It's Just Meme Time

Just for fun, I wanted to do a post of memes created mostly for shows in 2014, but maybe I didn't get around to making them until just now... haha.  I'm really lazy when it comes to getting pictures ready.

Anyways, here is some fun.

I have to divide these into themes, I guess.  There are many groups of memes to share.  So let's start with...

Blade Man Collection:

What started me making these might have been Blade Man, that awful show I endured for the sometimes good moments.  It did have good moments... but none of them were because of the main characters...

General Meme Collection:

Birthday Collection:

 Nothing like a lot of personally made Memes for your birthday.

For Lizabreff's Birthday:

For HeyCurdy's birthday:

Siwan Collection:

My personal favorite, the Im Siwan collection, brought to you by the best face made in Triangle.

My exact face when Kitty announced his enlistment on the same day as Choi Jin Hyuk and Sungmin... no!

Specifically JYJ's Engrish. "Pumbamumba bagsit.  Da bagsit."

Every.  Time.  I scream a little inside.

Haha!  I really can't get over how perfectly hilarious his face is!  Too funny.  We laughed at it about as much as Taemoo's face from Rooftop Prince.  Which leads me to my final meme, made especially for my little brother.  Just for you Little Brother!

Taemoo Collection:

He'll roll on the ground with laughter the moment he see's this.  He literally texted me this photo (not meme-ified yet) when I said that we'd just have to go for sushi without him if he was that busy.  It summed up his feelings about that perfectly and needless to say he made time to come that time.

Well that's about it.  The end.

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