Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Sweetest Nicest Man in the World, Who Also Happens to Be a Murderer

There were so many things I could have written about Pinocchio, such as how much I love both Lee Jong Suk and Kim Young Kwang, because they are so tall and beautiful.  Or how much I actually love Park Shin Hye in this.  I mean, what the heck!  I have never been so impressed with her.  I absolutely love her and Lee Jong Suk together, and I never thought that would have happened!  They are going for the list of best couples in my book right now.  The dad and grandpa are amazing as well, but the thing that I feel most compelled to write on is the older brother, Ki Jae Myung.  This is a bit overdue, but I have to talk about the serious dilemma I went through.  Seriously, Jae Myung, can you confuse and pull on my heartstrings any more?

From moment one, even when he was a kid, he was so real to me.  Then he seemed to have grown up to be so sweet and nice, even if he was a bit bitter about the dad thing still, but then... andwae!

I really think that both the writer and the actor did a really good job of making this character so wonderfully complex that it's hard to control my feelings one way or the other.

I mean, one minute I am all sad for him because he lost everything.

And then I'm going "aw" at all the cute things he's doing.

Then I'm getting frustrated that the brothers missed each other.

Then I am screaming out: "No, Hyung!  Don't do it!" because I know exactly what is happening next.

Really, how am I supposed to feel about this man?  He's clearly a nice person, but then he goes around killing people for revenge.  I like myself a good revenge thriller, but this show raised a good question about revenge and lines that shouldn't be crossed, such as killing people and all that.  He literally is a good person, but he is also a murderer.  I mean, we saw him do it.

It was very meticulously done too.  This wasn't just a heat of the moment murder, he planned it out all classy like, so that it was literally poetic justice for what happened to his father.

Oh Hyung, why do you have to be such a dilemma?

I spend half the time being scared of him because he does creepy so well, and the other half going "aw," because he is such a sweet guy.  What the weird.

 Basically these brothers just pull on my heartstrings for the entire show.

 Ugh, stop making me cry, guys.

I really like the complexity of the revenge plot though.  The two approaches to revenge, based on the view points and experiences of the two brothers.  Hyung would only have thought of the extreme revenge through murder because he literally had nothing to lose at the time.  He thought he was alone and he had lived as a son, with all that trauma, the whole time.

Dal Po, on the other hand, had much more to lose with a reason to live, because he had grown to love his new family as well.  This might be why he chose the more lawful approach, but that could also be part of their personalities too.

So while he is a creepy revenge seeing murderer, there is so much more about him that makes him so complex.  He is a really nice man.  This moment of heroism, while perhaps because of his brother, was still him being awesome.

And he's such a good hyung.

Turning himself in and making sure that his little brother doesn't become a bad reporter or anything like that.

Being cool and confessing:

And giving out good hyung advice:

He's so smart.  Also, I loved this moment:

I love the grandpa, and pretty much all the good guys.  The bad guys are the worst.  But like all the good guys are amazing.

Anyways, I just had to express my messy feelings for Hyung, because he keeps confusing me.  While I get frustrated with Dal Po, I always know I love him and stuff, but Hyung has put me through so many confusing emotions, that they just needed to be expressed.  I really hope this show continues to be awesome, even as it continues to get crazier.


  1. It was like you were in my mind. I love this character. He is the one that keep me coming back to read recaps of this show. Yoon Kyung Sang has a new fan in me.

    P.S.--he also has a pretty nice neck. :)

    1. Yeah, he does! He's very attractive in general. I am obviously also his fan. I really hope this leads him to more roles. Bigger roles. Lead roles.

  2. . . .brooding shower roles. Wait who said that? Wasn't me. *scurrying away in denial*

    1. Oooooooooh! He'd be so good at those! He has the brooding down, and from the looks of him in that suit that one time....