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Best and Worst Couples of 2014

Let's have a little throwback in remembrance of 2014 dramas, specifically the couples of 2014.  Why not celebrate our favorite OTPs, I'm going to miss them.

But we can't leave out the worst couples as well, those ones that were just so lame or squirrely that we could barely watch (or couldn't watch) the shows they were in.  So here are my votes for the best and worse, and what I love (or hate) about them.

Best Couples of 2014:

7. Heo Young Dal/Oh Jung Hee- Triangle

This couple was just great, from their strong attitudes and bad-a get things done to their adorable first love fate.  I may just be biased because of Kitty (Jaejoong), but I really loved this couple and how their relationship grew.  I was so well pleased with this couple that I'm super disappointed that Jaejoong's next leading lady is dorky no act Do Ha (the chick who almost single-handedly ruined Night Watchman's Journal, if it hadn't already been horribly written).  The character growth for everyone in this show, and especially this couple, was really nice to see.

6. Du Kai Qi/Fu Zi Jie- Love Myself or You?

I think this couple gave me a lot of relationship envy, which is a state of them being so cute that I get jealous of them.  I like how they supported and learned from each other, and also how no one ever gave up when the other one had a hard time or was being a jerk.  Mean days just happen.  Also, this kid's dimples...

 5. Joo Jang Mi/Kong Ki Tae- Marriage, Not Dating

I miss this show!  I was just so completely in love with this couple!  It was real and ridiculous at the same time, and this couple was just so darn cute.  I also just love the level on honesty and comfortability they reached.  The good, bad, and awkward was all just so good!

4. Choi Dal Po/Choi In Ha- Pinocchio

I have never been so impressed with Park Shin Hye and her chemistry with a leading man.  I was about ready to give up on her after Heirs, but she is amazing in this one.  Lee Jong Suk is always amazing.  There is a reason they are now called the Darling Couple.  I simply love them, and they make this show worth it (along with some other really choice characters).

3. Han Tae Hee/Sara- Birth of a Beauty

Literally the cutest couple ever.  I want me a Han Tae Hee!  Seriously, the only reason I watch Birth of a Beauty is this couple, because everyone else is a crazy bitca- a bunch of whiny, manipulating, douchey, evil saucies.  But the cuteness of this couple makes up for it, and the knowledge that they will get back together and win kept us going through the horrible, draggy, badness of the inevitable break up episodes.  Sigh.  Every time.  Oh well.  At least they had an exponentially larger amount of cuteness then the average cute kdrama OTP.

2. Fangjiang Yu/Wang Man Ling - Go, Single Lady!

Fangjiang Yu is on the list of best male leads ever.  He's the sweetest, silliest, most honest, chaebol type leads ever.  He is just a great man, and Mike He is a great kisser, and this couple was one of the best ever and not just the best of 2014.  I mean, talk about chemistry, whew!  They were also abundantly cute, even if they were stupidly separated for a couple of draggy episodes too.  I loved how once they figured out they liked each other, pretty much nothing could stop them.  That line: "I've already sacrificed all my dignity for her" or however he said it, just (big sigh with hand over heart).  He is adorkable, and I hate that phrase, but he rocked the goofy, lovable, jealous but supportive boyfriend.  The way Fangjiang Yu and Man Ling completed and supported each other was just great.  Also, them getting back together at the end totally made up for the crappy dragginess before.  It was just funny.

1. Lee Gun/Kim Young Mi- Fated to Love You

My ultimate favorite couple ever.  Lee Gun is like the perfect man, I swear.  I'm still gushing over him.  If there was ever a perfect couple, it's this one:

This is also one of the best scenes in a drama ever.  A man who karaokes with your mom is the real deal.

They are seriously just perfect.  A dorky little couple of awesomeness.  Also, their chemistry is off the charts.  Wow, this show put me through every emotion possible.  I love, love, love them!

Worst Couples of 2014:

4. Rin/Do Ha- Night Watchman's Journal

This girl can't act.  She's also dorky looking.  Why is she getting cast in roles, much less lead roles?  Poor little Jung Il Woo was trying so hard pulling all that extra weight, but nope.  This was a no chemistry awkwardly forced together couple.  I mean, when did they even fall in love?  I don't even know.  The only couple who had chemistry in this whole show was Yunho and his crazy bitca cousin.  I was so sure he was in love with her for the first half of the show.  Awkward.  Oh they're so dumb... shudder.

3. Lu Tian Xing/Tao Le Si- Fall in Love With Me

Another stone face girl making the guy carry all the weight of the relationship.  Seriously bad acting leading to one sided chemistry.  Here we have the moment of most chemistry on both sides:

And by the end of the show we have this:

Does this couple even know each other, let alone like each other?  Nope, there is absolutely no chemistry there, even though Aaron Yan in trying his darnedest.  This show was just bad period, but this couple actually having chemistry could have helped it a lot. 

2. Hyun Wook/Se Na- My Loveable Girl

Now for a couple who not only have no chemistry, but creep us out because the only chemistry they have is sibling chemistry.  Seriously, every time there was any skinship between Rain and Krystal I would shout: "Ah! Don't touch her, Rain!  Ew!"  It was almost to the pedophile level, which is weird.  Seriously not cool.

Yep, I'm feeling creeped out too, Krystal, because that's definitely not the face of attraction.  It's terror.

This photo sums up this couple: Awkward.

1. Min Seok/Soo Young- King of High School

Speaking of that pedophile feeling, how about a serious case of pedonoonaness:

This couple is just yucky, and sadly that is the only thing this show was about.  The most awkward noona in the world and her high school student boyfriend.  Ew.  Sure that high school student is adorable, but there is no way that I am comfortable with them dating, let alone getting married.  Double and triple ew!  They were just icky.  I've seen the noona romances, even ones with high school boys, but for some reason this one was just wrong.  No, no, no, no.

I debated making this list longer, but for me these were the obvious choices.  There were plenty more good ones, and thankfully less bad ones.  So, who were your picks for best and worst couples of 2014?

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