Thursday, December 4, 2014

Drama Proof That Necks are Sexy

I just had to collect a small list of some drama or movie moments that show off necks as attractive or even seductive.  I mean, it's a well established fact that necks are a sexy thing, that's where the whole vampire thing becomes so popular, because a neck bite is just sexy enough to keep that trend alive.  But enough with them, this is not about them.

Here are some solid moments of neck's being attractive and seductive.

Especially now that I've finally started to watch Birth of a Beauty, I have plenty of moments of proof to go on.  That whole show is about seduction, in the silliest romantic comedy revenge drama way, so it's perfect for this discussion.

Tae Hee is coaching Sara on how to get her ex-husband to notice and be attracted to her, and he calls out this method:

Birth of Venus neck show off.  A perfect example of how classical the bare neck show hair toss thing is when it comes to seduction.  It just shows that Botticelli knew a thing or two... or three...

Then later, when she is trying to have a one night stand with her ex-husband, and the whole atmosphere is them trying to attract each other, they have this little moment.  The husband unbuttoning his collar and rolling up his sleeves.

He is a womanizer, isn't he?  He knows what's sexy.  Too bad he's unlikable, because that man is pretty hot.

One of my favorite moments in Fated to Love You is when Lee Gun is freaking out when he catches Mi Young sleeping, and he's shouting something like: "Mi Young's neck, Mi Young's neck!" in his head.

How much more concrete evidence can you get?  Oh Lee Gun, you are my fave.

There is even a similarish moment in the Taiwanese version when Cun Xi stares at a drop of water running down her neck.  Cun Xi, you are so silly, but really look at that face.

And this is after he was just imagining something similar earlier.

That kid just needs to get real with his feelings and stop being so dumb.  But then the drama would have been a whole lot shorter, wouldn't it have?

Then there was this moment in My Lovable Girl, when the step-mom ending up in Manager Kang's arms.  Yep, even though his ahjussi neck is a bit wrinkly, he's still got one sexy neck, and I'd be staring like that too if I were her.

They were literally the only couple I cared about in this show, and the only one that didn't get together (besides wanting L and Krystal together) but then she was kind of married, but whatever, that show sucked, even if it gave us proof of the neck thing.

Some of the most classic proof is the old Personal Taste nape neck kiss.  Don't even need to say anything more about that.

Or that one shot they always do in almost every drama where they are indicating that someone is checking someone out.  The slow pan down the neck, etc.  This shot is showing how hot Gong Yoo is in Finding Mr. Destiny:

But the best proof I have is Reply 1994, because it has a whole episode on it.  At the beginning of episode 11 they discuss the theory of how you can tell that you are in love.  The magazine article that Na Jung, Haitai, and Binggeure are reading stated that the three methods of knowing are 1. Staring at them constantly 2. being obsessed with your pager and 3. showing your neckline without showing it.

They quickly decide that the author of the article is a pervert, until they all come down to breakfast and are met with first the parents being lovely dovey about the mom's wet hair and bare neck:

And then Yoon Jin comes down:

Yes, she is, and wearing matching couples shirts with Samcheonpo, but definitely the most important thing is that she is wearing her hair up, showing her neckline.

I know I became a lot more self-conscious about my hair flipping and up-dos after this episode.  Every time I'd pull my hair off my neck I'd imagine the possibility of me distracting some dude.  Haha.

My last bit of proof is probably not really proof, but just me checking out Siwon's neck.  I could have sworn the first time I watched this scene in King of Dramas that she was checking out his neck, but when I went back to screenshot it, I realized it was just me thinking my way, and it probably wasn't.

However, in my defense, she totally looks like she's staring at the back of his neck, suddenly thinking he is way sexy... Now I am too.  Dang it, Siwon, you bias crusher!  Stop being so hot and funny!

Actually it's just an editing thing, since the next scene just happens to start out with a nice shot of the back of his neck.  Oh well.  Even if she wasn't checking out his neck, she was falling for him, so it's the same thing.

Anyways, these just scrape the surface of this subject, but I thought I might as well address it.  Since it is the general theme of this blog... kind of... but maybe it's just an excuse to look at some good looking necks... haha.  Even if the guy is the one checking out the neck in the scene, he usually has a good neck for me to check out ;)


  1. All valid and well thought out arguments but I didn't need any persuading!

    1. Thanks! I thought the fact that necks were sexy was pretty obvious too, but it was still a fun post to write regardless.