Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Secret Hotel Fashion Show

As much as I love the mystery, suspense and messy love triangle in My Secret Hotel, I think the thing that has me hooked every week is the clothing.  Most everyone in the show has fabulous fashion.  I mean:

Haha, this show is full of quirky characters who all dress so very well, and are pretty much involved with this murder case in one way or another.  At least they all get to look good while getting bumped off or bumping people off.  Let's see some examples.

Yoo In Ah's wardrobe, as Nam Sang Hyo, is soooooooo cool.  She's the perfect blend of professional and feminine.  From the first moment on screen we knew that this girl knew how to dress.

A hotel is a classy professional place to work at, and apparently cut-throat as well (literally).  She has the right clothes and tools to keep her on top.

I seriously love how they are super professional and yet so soft and feminine.

I mean, she really rocks those pants suits, which is not something I can say for most people.  Actually, I never thought I would say it for anyone, because pants suits are so hard to rock.  But she is inspiring almost.

This outfit, despite the turtleneck, is just so cute!  Love everything about it (except the turtleneck, but it is the best turtleneck style in existence).

Love these earrings!

Also this sweater pencil skirt combo, and her shoes and bag!

Even when dressing down with this cute little striped romper.  Cute.

Going for a more classic Grace Kelly style.  Complete with the classy scarf/glasses disguise.

And this wedding dress is just pretty, and I loved the little tiara headband thing too.

So, I don't think that either man in this love triangle is super handsome.  They're just ok, but I have to give them props for generally dressing as to make them more attractive... also acting cute to make them more cute.  We have two opposites style-wise.  Goo Hae Young- who is the casual professional, and Jo Sung Gyum who is power professional all the way.

Managing Director Jo got me with his power blue suit at first go.

And then he goes on to rock the three piece suits (a big weakness of mine), the pin stripes (another weakness), the double breasted (stop now before you kill me!) and just general good suit tie combos.

And then he rocks the no suit too.  hehe.

Then we have Goo Hae Young who is the king of casual and super bold print.

Yep.  He looks so fun and comfortable.

Yep, I'd have a hard time picking between those two as well.

Some other characters whose clothing I appreciate:  Manager Yeo Eun Joo-  Nam Sang Hyo's frenemy and rival is the master of accessories.  I love her bold color palettes, but I just can't get over her jewelry.  I love love love it!

And then we have Hae Young's fiancee, Jung Soo Ah, who is the queen of bright bold colors and texture.  Being a rich girl she also has fabulous accessories and can pretty much pull off whatever she wants, but she has good taste in color, and keeps it simple more often than not, unless she is going bold with those metallics.  She rocks those metallics.

My favorite character of all time has to be Goo Hae Young's best friend, Yoo Shi Chan (Choi Jung Won).  This man knows how to dress.  Rawr.  He is also the handsomest man in this show.  He just looks so good and then dresses so good.  Double rawr, dude.

Those colorful suits.  Oh boy.

From this show (and A Gentleman's Dignity) I feel like being an architect just means dressing nice and then sitting around, hanging out with the other well dressed architects.

But the best part about Yoo Shi Chan is the delightful faces he makes.  I heart him with all my heart.

I had to stop myself from adding more.  Everyone clothes are just so pretty in this show!  Plus we've got cute characters and a flippin' murder mystery on top of that.  I'm really enjoying this so far.  I can't wait to figure out what is going on with the multiple murders, including a potential murder in that past.  Da da da, well, they'll keep looking pretty while they figure it out, so there is so much to enjoy!


  1. I LOVE this post!!! All the beautiful clothes (and people). You're totally right about the hotteness of the friend, and I heart his face pulling skills. So I will have to admit that I totally have a thing for Jin Yi Han, though I do prefer him with long hair and sageuk garb. I was totally crushing on him in Empress Ki. And. his. voice. I could get pregnant from him speaking. Oh dear, did I just say that out loud? ;) I wish I could add some screenshots to the comment...so I will just have to settle for a link to a post of mine that has screenshots of him...http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2014/03/favourite-finds-3-29-march-2014.html

  2. Every time I watch this show I am completely jealous of their expansive wardrobes. Even the side characters are very well dressed. Oh if only some of them could be mine and look half that fabulous. Overall the show kinda reminds me of the game and movie Clue. I am just waiting for either the director or other characters to become the master mind.

    1. That sounds intriguing! Perhaps I shall have to take a look at this show!

    2. I totally think Clue when I'm watching it too! I love all the aspects of it, but I love it when they throw in more murder mystery stuff while it's still so cute and funny.

  3. I love this post as well. I really like the clothes the women wear in this show because (despite my disbelief that someone could wear heels that high for a full day--though I did see women going home from work in Seoul on the subway with high heels) they are really the types of clothes a professional woman would wear. I get tired of seeing working women in dramas with panty-skimming shorts or skirts that would make it impossible to actually do any real work. And they look fantastic--even the pant suits that are hard to pull off. Thanks, too for the shout out for Eun Joo's jewelry. Fabulous stuff.

    1. Amen about those heels. I don't even like wearing them for a few hours, let alone all day. Especially not a job that would require walking around all the time.

    2. I see people running around in heels all the time here in Korea...it blows my mind. And I see so many short, short skirts and shorts. Somehow they make it work...it doesn't make sense to me. And so many of the shoes that are supposed to look like flats...they have built in wedges inside...

    3. In that recent episode of running man with all the drama queens most of those actresses wore heeled tennis shoes (on running man?) Instead if running shoes and would rather have broken their ankles than changed, showing how short they really were. It was insane. But they wore those tennis shoes with built in wedges, and they were super tall wedges too.

    4. That was funny. I was like, ladies, no one cares if you are short. Deal with it and don't try and wear fancy shoes. It was super ridiculous. I also loved how annoyed the RM men got about it and were making comments about being grateful at how chill Ji Hyo is. Haha.

    5. I know! It was hilarious. I loved those high maintenance girls though, because they were so intense in everything they did. They were hilarious. Oh RM, bringing out the competitiveness in everyone.

    6. That was a super fun episode. I kind of wish it were it a two parter. The actresses were so funny. I also really loved the latest episode with Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Seok. I really, really, really want to go see that movie! I hope that one of the cinemas in Seoul that shows Korean movies with English subtitles is showing it.

    7. You really have to start giving us Seoul tips. I was only in Seoul for five weeks to study, but I would have loved to go to a movie with subs. It didn't even occur to me that they existed. Hoping to spend my sabbatical in Seoul in 2016 though. I will be looking for those theaters then.

      And yes, I could not figure out how these tiny high heeled women could stay balanced in the subway with such 4-inch heels and without holding on to anything. They stood in those shoes and texted the entire time. And the wind never blew their skirts up either. I was always impressed.

    8. I loved that episode too! The part where they made Jung Seok sing in the car was so great (especially since they kept on having to cover Jae Suk's mouth) and then how jealous Ji Hyo got. I love it when she's the jealous one in the Monday Couple, which has been happening more lately (satisfied smile). They should just date for realsies.