Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 10 Kpop MVs With Super Sexy Necks

Let's throw it back a bit and explore some MVs that came out a while ago (like before I knew what kpop was) to the good old days when DBSK was still together and Big Bang looked like babies.  Well maybe these are not all that old... but...  It might be nostalgic for some, but for me it's more of a sign that I really love these peeps because I've pretty much watched every MV of theirs that I can get my hands on... or something like that. (In the case of SuJu, I am just getting started on that sort of thing, it took me a while, but I'm coming around).

So here are some of my pre-kpop-discovery discoveries that happen to also show how incredibly sexy these boys' necks are too.  Woo woo!

(This list is by group in no particular order, not preference or anything)

1. DBSK, Rising Sun

This one might be over the top in showing off their necks (after I forgive the bad hairstyles of the time).  Seriously, from the uncomfortably close shot of Yunho's sweaty neck that I both love and hate,

To them each looking up to welcome the rising sun on their faces,

There is plenty of sexy necks to see.

Also, this song perfectly showcases all their talents, so yay!

I guess if I could only say only one thing about DBSK (which is super hard) they do have sexy necks... all of them... and I have that weird dislike of Yunho, so that's saying something, because I do have to admit that he has a sexy neck... Junsu has the worst neck, but that's nothing because his neck is still pretty good... those guys.

2. DBSK, Beautiful You

Apart from Yunho being weird and singing to himself in the mirror (I guess he's beautiful too?), this MV is full of sexiness, from them all leaning against walls...

beds, and sofas...

letting their hot necks shine...

All the while telling you how beautiful you are... yes!  Repeat viewing... not ashamed.

3. DBSK, Mirotic

I have to admit that I usually just watch the dance version of this one, but the actual music video is awesome for showing of how great all of their necks/bodies in general are.

She obviously wants to touch that sexy neck.  That's what she gets for locking him in a glass box like a crazy person.

It also has some fancy camera angles and stuff, so well worth watching both versions.

4. Super Junior, It's You

This one is so old that I can hardly recognize them, because they look like babies.

Hehe.  I might just like it because they have Heechul on a motorcycle... in that vest...

No, I like the song too.  But this was totes the olden days.

5. Super Junior, Sorry Sorry

It's actually really hard to get good examples of this one showing off necks, since it really is dark and quick, but it's a MV that you want to watch for the dancing anyways.

I usually watch the dance version way more anyways.  So actually watching the video will show what I mean.

6. Big Bang, Heaven

Hate G-Dragon's hair in this one, well it's not that bad when it's pulled back, but boy does it show off his hot neck well despite that.

In fact they've all got nice necks and it's very clear from this.

Especially Daesung!  Whoo!  His Adam's Apple... rawr.

But I do have to admit that every time this MV starts, I think about Luke, running through some desert in Tattooine.  No idea why...

7. G-Dragon, Breathe

I said that GD knows he has a sexy neck, and this MV is just proof.  Rawr.

Seriously, when he's laying on that bed like that... even he's stroking his own neck.  Tsk tsk, sexy boy.

8. GD&TOP, Knock Out

I absolutely love this song.  The MV is a little weird, but not in a bad way.  I still watch it over and over.  Maybe this is why.

There he goes, lying around all sexy like again.

Maybe my favorite TOP hair, probably because it makes his neck look so nice.  He's such a sexy man.  Rawr.

I want to be in that blond chick's place.  Especially when GD is wearing those glasses.  Man, I'm jealous.  Except she totally looks like a mannequin right here.  Weird.

9. GD & TOP, Don't Go Home

I admit this is my favorite GD & TOP song.  Love the video too.  It's fun and has that Cosby Show feel to it... even though this song is super naughty, it is my fave... I especially loved how it was used in A Gentleman's Dignity, one of my favorite scenes.

I take it back!  This is my favorite TOP hair!!!!!

Yeah, can't resist that glint in the eye.

I would be a goner right here.  That look on his face... yep, I'm gone.  Also, notice how good his neck looks.

10. Taeyang, You're My/I Need A Girl

If there is anything that shows Taeyang's neck (or his abs) off better than standing under a spotlight in a dark room with his shirt off...

Yes!  I don't care that the song says "you are my chocolate" (actually I love how hilarious that is) I love this song/MV.

Then you have it paired with I Need a Girl, which happens to be featuring my favorite G-Dragon.

Their real life bromance is adorable.  And they both look really good here.

That neck... once again, I volunteer to be his head on lap girl.  I don't care whose head is on whose lap so long as the two parties involved are me and him. Sigh. Seriously jealous.

Also, lucky Dara, I want to rub the back of Taeyang's head.  This is my favorite Taeyang hair too!  Another reason to be jealous.  Still love watching these MVs though, even if they give rise to such feelings.

There are tons more awesome older MVs out there, so these are merely the ones that best showcase some sexy necks and other lovely qualities as well.  They are also some that I go back to often.  Sometimes you just gotta.


  1. ㅋㅋ I heart you and I heart this list. Oh so much excellent goodness! (and sexy necks) I am glad you are coming around to the SuJu side. They are hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, the drama version of "Mamacita" is priceless!

    1. Omo, I loved it! It really changes the story when you can see more of what's going on. I absolutely loved it. Especially their little high pitched voices. "My precious!" After already starting to love SuJu that song itself sealed the deal. But I have to admit I already loved them at Sexy Free and Single and Heecul isn't even in that one.

    2. Haha. I also loved the "Chuhulae?!" Haha. That "My precious" though, I cracked up laughing. I just love how silly SuJu can be. I am excited for the repackage....and then I might just have to buy the album because SuJu albums can be so pretty!

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