Thursday, September 18, 2014

This Post is Dedicated to Lee Kwang Soo... Just Cuz

It's not like it's his birthday or anything.  But I just feel the need to celebrate him, because he's just that awesome.

It might because It's Okay, That's Love is over now, and I miss it, and I absolutely loved him in it.  He was so good!  In way more reasons than one.

I think I was jealous multiple times of Gong Hyo Jin during this because she was constantly getting hugged by him.  I think my dream in life is to hug this man.  Mmmm yep, I want to hug his tall skinny self so bad.

Also, he is the king of great expressions.  Not over the top, and perfect for each character he does.

I absolutely loved his bromance with his two roommates in the show.

Also, his little love story was weirdly cute too.  I especially loved how it bettered both people.

Once again, so jealous of her.  This has to be one of the best hugs of all time.  Look at that adorable expression on his face!  Ahhhh!

So here are some other dramas I have watched just for him (or mostly for him) that have added to my love for him.  Seriously, he impresses me each time.

There was that time when I watched, and actually finished, Jung Yi Goddess of Fire, just because of Lee Kwang Soo.  I've said it before, but that show is super boring and I watched it for every moment that Kwang Soo was on the screen.  Because that man rocks the Joseon clothing.

And facial hair.  Mmmmmmmm.  Yep, I totally watched it for moments like these.  Even though I was always saying "No, Oppa!  Don't be an idiot!  Don't trust her, Oppa!"

I watch less melodramas than I do romcoms, I know this.  It's draining to watch sadness constantly.  But I did watch Innocent Man for Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki.  Love those two together.  Also, this love story made the rest of the drama easier to watch.  It gave us a little break at least.

Cho Ko's obsession with Jae Gil is similar to mine with Kwang Soo, apparently.

Yes, yes he does.  Even when sleeping with his mouth open.

Running Man.  Giraffe.  Nuff said.

I've recently decided to watch every episode, from the beginning, because now I watch it for the cast and not the guests (as I did for the very first episode I watched, which featured G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri).  I like watching his hair through the years.  Also, I like just watching him.

There was a time I watched Dating Agency: Cyrano just for him.  I wanted to just watch the episodes with him in them, but decided to watch the whole thing (Gong Yoo might of had something to do with that) since it would make more sense that way.  He was so hot in it.  Those were definitely my favorite episodes, even if I liked the show itself too.

And then I watched Kara: Secret Love just for him too... well I just watched the episodes with him in them.  I might get around to the others eventually... maybe... when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing...

But twoish hours of pretty much just Kwang Soo and Nicole is not anything to complain about.  They had a pretty funny relationship.  Plus, lots of screen time for Kwang Soo.

So yeah.  Since the likelihood of me actually getting to hug Lee Kwang Soo is slim at best, I will have to content myself with watching everything he's ever been in.  Looks like I'm half way there for dramas at least (not counting the earlier ones I've watched but not listed, such as City Hunter and High Kick Through the Roof).  Next up, movies.

So basically, we (as in especially me) love you, Oppa!  Fighting!

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