Monday, September 15, 2014

Not So Pleasantly Unsurprised at the Melo

Why, Taiwan, Why?  Your dramas don't have to be that long.  You really don't need to throw in random crap to inexplicably keep the main couple apart.  If they can make it through a misunderstanding in the course of two episodes then they obviously need to make huger mistakes so we can drag this out, right?  NO!!!!!


Producer: It looks like this show is pretty popular, why is the plot wrapping up too quickly?

Writer: Centering two episodes around fixing the brother is just perfect.  Then they can all be a happy family.

Producer: No, we need to have this last at least six more episodes.

Writer: But the brother isn't that evil and stubborn.

Producer: And the main couple can't be happily together for more than one episode, or two partial episodes, at a time.

Writer: Ok, but that means they need to have some more misunderstandings.

Producer: Make it more dramatic than that.  Let's dump the helping the older brother plot, it was boring.  Instead, lets get him kidnapped.  That way he can still be good, and it will be intense.

Writer: Why would he get kidnapped?

Producer: He is the heir to that food corporation.

Writer: Fine, he can get kidnapped.

Producer: Make Kai Qi get kidnapped with him, then everything will be at stake for Ah Jie.  Also, make another misunderstanding.

Writer: Well, we do need to wrap up the father crap.

Producer: Perfect!  And get everyone injured so there is more guilt involved.

Writer: Whatever.

And so we go completely back to square one.  Because lies are always the way to protect yourself.

Lying to your true love about something that will inevitably get exposed is always the way to hold onto him.  Man, I never wanted to have to see him make this face.  Boo!

And then he's the one to hold onto her... wut?  His brother might die because she slowed down the finding process and he's the one trying to make it work with her?

Literally, it went right back to the beginning where she thinks she's jinxed and wants to be alone and he's chasing after her?  What. the. heck.  No!  Not the pull your hands cruelly away move! (see picture 8).

I didn't want to have to see him make this face either! Wah!

So while there were a few hard to watch episodes... well just one actually... Actually this is following the typical T-Drama format.

Crazy ups and downs that drag everything out, but never too many horrible episodes in a row to make you want to quit for forever (like FILWM).  Nope, while I think the whole kidnapping plot and brother in a coma (not the hot gege! He's so hot!) is super lame and unnecessary, they are managing to keep the show pretty fun to watch still.

I mean.  They can't end it without pairing up every other person in the show!  Haven't you noticed that there is pretty much an even ratio of guys to girls at Figaro?

I was waiting for this to happen the whole show (I mean, she was totally checking out his butt the whole time).

I really enjoyed that whole silly plan to get the d-bag ex-husband to leave Bao Zhu alone.  Especially this part:

I'm personally a fan of the Head Chef (#headchefformalelead2015!).  He's hot and completely silly, but not a bad person, and as his character develops I like him more and more... as awkward as he is.  He's also in Love Family where I am completely rooting for him as well.  Judging from the previews for episode 18, he will probably end up with the Sous Chef, Le Xuan, just like I want him to.

So while our main couple is still not together...

This show hasn't hit the crazy train yet.  It might, but so far they've only taken the roller coaster of dragged out ups and downs before arriving at our destination.

No one knows what's going on, but that's ok... maybe.  It will sort itself out... right?  Well, at least Ah Jie looks super hot in those suits he has to wear now that it's a melodrama.


  1. Episode 17 has won me back!!!!
    Yes, I was bothered by what I saw as a needless throwing away of possibly good plot development. There was so much more story to tell about the brothers and that family and their issues, AND it would have made a crazy kidnapping scheme much more poignant if actually had some time for the brother to bond. However, that would have meant developing the characters more. Still, I loved this episode for all the side characters and the chef stepping up and being a real leader as well as the new love-side story which I am SO behind. Please let the two of them be together now, and I was cracking up during the lunch scene (why not just pass the water like normal , people? LOL), and I actually got teary when they all sang to cheer our heroine up.

    1. I agree. I think that poor older brother got short changed there by barely getting to be in it before being kidnapped. He could still wake up a jerk for all we know.
      But as badly written as that random kidnapping was it was completely made better by the side characters. I was right back to loving episode 17 just like you. More head chef time!

  2. I also love how by the end of the episode, they could not resist putting him in a flowered tie. He was so floral before that the monochrome of his suits is kind of jarring. But then, low and behold, a floral tie near the end made it seem like the real Ah Jie was still in there somewhere.

    1. I do miss that floral. Can't wait until he wears it all the time again.

    2. Finally getting to watch ep. 18 (sneaking it in before office hours at work. shhh) and he is wearing a flowered shirt with one of his suits. Are we on the way back?

    3. I'm thinking so! I was so happy when I saw it! Also the preview for 19 makes me super excited to watch it! I just hope there isn't more drama when the brother finally wakes up. He really does get the short end of the stick in this show.

    4. I was worried but then I saw the preview--more cute!! I was cheering. I also hope that chef gets his happy ending, too. I was so proud of him during this episode.

    5. I know! I love the Chef and he was awesome this episode! I was actually starting to get annoyed at Le Xuan because she's so one track minded about Ah Jie that she is getting annoying. She needs to get focused on what's important instead of chasing after him like a puppy only to get hurt later. Sigh. Oh well. I really hope things work out for the Chef.

    6. Omo! I just watched episode 20 and I am even more in love with it than ever! Now I want it to be 24 episodes... expect that I don't want to have to wait longer to watch it... I want the next episode now!

    7. I watched ep.20, and I was really happy. I do want Chef to be happy, and he gave Le Xuan the best advice when they were out together. I am also happy that he started to take his own advice and wnet out on some blind dates; Le Xuan needed to get over her Ah Jie fixation!. But the best scene was the "let's break up this date" with Kai Qi so stiff and trying to act. :) I laughed out loud at that. Still, I am glad that Le Xuan is having to work to get in Chef's good graces again. Although I am not too sure I am liking this competition idea. I want my OTP together, but I also like the idea of Kai Qi being head chef at a restaurant set up like she likes. Sigh.

    8. I loved the "let's break up this date" scene so much I had to rewatch it. Kai Qi's acting skills were so hilariously bad. I love that Le Xuan has to work for the Chef, it would be too pathetic if she got him that easily. I am also torn about the competition, because I think her working at Hao Wei's restaurant is good too. Can't she do that and still be together with Ah Jie? But since Gege is waking up soon (his fingers wiggled!) that might help things get better... or it might make it worse. We'll see. But I do think that the themes of this competition are designed to make them get to know each other and fall in love more. I think the whole competition is a set up by Hao Wei- even more than it already is a set up.

    9. My ideal end would be that she worked at Hao Wei's restaurant and dated (and married) Ah Jie. At their wedding, Hao Wei would meet the woman who would help him get over Kai Qi. That man should not be alone forever because he is fine and the best friend and brother anybody could have.

    10. Same here! I was just saying the other day that I definitely wanted Kai Qi to marry Ah Jie, but I would be more than happy to marry Hao Wei myself, because he is so cute, funny and loyal (not to mention super handsome). So that scenario would make for happy times. I want Hao Wei to be happy too.