Sunday, September 7, 2014

I think I Related With Every Character: Plus Nine Boys

I am super impressed with this show already.  It has that relate-able feel to it, kind of how I felt while watching Reply 97 or 94.  Four boys/men who have a butt load of crap hit them at once.  So relate-able.  Seriously.  It's like a painful comedy, but not the sort of painful that makes you want to stop watching, cringe, or anything like that.  It's the sort that makes you want to keep watching because you want the best for all the characters.

We have three brothers and an uncle, whose ages are 9, 19, 29, and 39.

Years ending in 9 are bad luck years, so to have a whole family facing these years at once is probably the most far-fetched part of this show, proving that this show is like life.

Sometimes life just sucks, but even while sucking, you've got hope and you chase after destiny, etc.

They do a really good job setting it up.  I think I was hooked the moment it began, from their use of stories to explain the bad luck age nine thing, to their constant use of the number nine in setting the bad luck suspense for each scene.

Their mom is super superstitious, and so there are even more of those old sayings and superstitions thrown in to make it all the better.

But the best part is just how real all the characters are, from the way that the family interacts,

To the oldest brother's group of friends.

This girl must have saved a country in her last life, because she has two awesome best friends who are boys... who also happen to be in love with her.

This is where it gets very relate-able, because although the oldest brother (Kim Young Kwang) is supposed to be this player, he is really just this guy with a one sided crush on his best friend.

And like us all, when we have those one sided loves, he proceeds to read into everything, trying to figure out if she likes him... or if she really is secretly dating his best friend, etc.  The same instances are then interpreted in every way, based on new evidence.

I've liked Kim Young Kwang since the Love Rain days.  He's just so nice to look at, even if he's not an amazing actor or anything.  And we are not disappointed.  There is a brooding shower scene in episode 2!

And then some more shirtlessness by the end of that same episode.

And although it's way noona creepin of me, but middle brother is pretty nice too.

How's that for an introduction for him.  Literally the first time we really see him in the narrative.  He's pretty perfect as high school students go.

This 9 year old kid is pretty amazing too.  Acting so good, and then having to act like he can't act because he was a child star that got popular though his cuteness alone.

I honestly relate to everyone in the whole show, and am excited for every storyline.  I am so torn with the best friends love triangle already, and there is so much awkward truth to the uncle's story where he finds himself having to start over on everything because he'd focused too much on one thing.

The pain of your ex-girlfriend and older sister catching you in your off mode on your day off.  Yep.

Seriously impressed.  I hope that it stays this good, because I am already anticipating the next week's episodes, with much impatience.

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