Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blade Man: I'm Thinking Wolverine Meets Bowser? Or Mega Man Villain?

What the heck is this show?  This plus the English title and premise makes me think of something along the lines of Wolverine, but the blades come out on the shoulders and back, so... like Bowser's koopa shell?  Also, he has the temper of the Hulk... so... yeah...

"Does it hurt when they come out?"  "Every time."


The title just makes me think of that bad dude from Mega Man- Blade Man.

Heheheheh... Blade Man... hahaha.

But the literal title also makes you think super hero...

But then they're like marketing it as a melodrama romance?  Seriously?

Ok, despite the name and... haha... the premise, this show isn't what I thought at all.  Mostly because I don't think they are taking it that seriously.  At least I hope they aren't, because I can't take it that serious.  No.  There is no way that this isn't a comedy.  It has to be a comedy... right?

Sadly, it will probably end up being as dramatic as all get out, especially as they are trying a little too hard to be funny now.  Case in point:

It's episode one and she's already this crazy?  Oh. No. We're in for a train wreck of this girl's antics.  I'm not sure if it's just Shin Se Kyung's acting abilities or the fact that her character is all over the place, but I am already not a fan of the lead female... but the lead male is completely cray cray too... so I guess they're perfect for each other.  It's not that she's unlikeable, but I just can't believe her as a character.

Lee Dong Wook, our super hero/villain is also faced with a hard role to play.  I'm sure that his direction is constantly just: His face shows intense rage.

We're going to be seeing a lot of this face:

His other super powers, besides his hidden spiked koopa shell of destruction, is that he makes it rain...

and has a super sniffer.  A nose so sensitive that he can describe in detail what everyone's eaten, and all the scents of cologne, make up, and laundry detergent.

Yep.  We're also going to be seeing a lot of this face:

The only reason for him to show any interest in this poor, crazy girl is that she smells like... his ex-girlfriend?

M'kay.  That's exciting.  But we knew there was going to be first love/ex-girlfriend tragedy by just looking at the premise.  At least she smelt good too.

Other things this show reminds me of, now that I have actually started it, is like sort of Beauty and the Beast...

...meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...

...meets Jekyll and Hyde..

Inspecting his own handiwork?

He's even got those servants who know his secret and a practically super humans themselves because they know how to deal and put up with his crap.

Secretary Ko:

I already love this man so much.

And Madam Yoon:

But I really don't understand why no one has put that dude in jail for assault yet.  Seriously.  I mean, I get that they cover it up with money later, but why didn't it even occur to them to throw his butt in jail?

The real reason everyone is watching this show:

Lizabreff: This show is starring Lee Dong Wook's Abs.
Ahem, back to business.

Besides mysterious first loves, we've got random kid popping up who is probably his son... the ex-girlfriend's kid already showing up and looking adorable no matter what he's doing.  Cool.

It seems a bit early to be introducing him, but this means there are probably lots of twist involving him.  Also, another reason for the main couple to stick together?

Evil dads who cause emotional scars...

It looks like the whole family is scarred and ill tempered.

It's a cautionary tale against abusive parenting.  This scene made me further hate the dad, but they really did want to set him up as the villain.  It's almost like the whole "have the villain kick a puppy just to make sure everyone sufficiently hates him" routine.

Then we've got some over the topness from ninja jumping over cars to kick people to the names sake spikes popping out of the shoulders... with the girl being a hysterical psycho in between.

So there is a lot starting off this first week of Super Sniffer Spike Man.  I think I will enjoy making fun of it at least, until it gets dramatic. So until then, I'm just going head, wishing that I too had a secret lair that I call the Spider Egg Sack of Solitude.

Cue the Super Hero Theme Music.  Danananana.  Danananana.  Danananana. Da Na.

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