Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Power of the Baseball Tee

I don't know about you, but one of the sexiest, most flattering shirt for a man to wear is the raglan sleeved baseball tee.  It just flatters all around, and most especially the neck.  If the guy is skinny, it makes their neck and shoulders look bigger, if the guy is muscular it makes those arms, chest, back and shoulders (and neck) look so good.  It just makes a man look so sexy.

One of the most recent Running Man episodes (207) had everyone in baseball tees and it was a glorious episode indeed, even if it had a bit less of Kwang Soo than I would have liked, it also featured Ji Suk Jin, who is another favorite of mine (I know I have an underdog complex)... well... to be honest all of Running Man is my favorite, but I do like those episodes where they focus on Suk Jin, cause they are always funny.  Anyways...

Because of the shirts they were all wearing I found myself checking out dudes that I normally would not, and appreciating the ones I do all the more.  And these weren't even the best baseball tees ever.

It also didn't hurt that one of the guests was my SuJu bias Heechul, who has a sweet, sweet neck.

Some random shots of them all looking pretty darn good in those baseball tees.

Further proof that it's the cut of the tee that makes the difference, Aaron Yan managed to still look smokin' even with this atrocious patterned baseball tee with matching, equally atrocious, shorts.

I think the jungle pattern was all he could do to keep his pajama like cloths shielding his identity, because his totally hot body was clearly showed off by the cut of the shirt.

I guess the baseball tee pajama thing is in.

Not complaining.

I could probably have found a better Running Man example of the sexy baseball tees,

Episode 165
but episode 207 was the one that got me pondering the greatness of a good baseball tee on both the neck and shoulders... I mean, Kim Jong Kook always rocks that.  Mmmm his shoulders... yeah.  Beaseball tees are good.

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