Thursday, August 14, 2014

Night Watchman of Epic Cliffhangers

I was excited to watch Night Watchman's Journal because Jung Il Woo and fantasy sageuk, but a little less excited cause Yunho... I have a completely irrational dislike for Yunho.  I'm sure deep down there is a reason, but I don't know what it is.  But there you have it.  Also... he's not the best actor, although I'm sure he's getting better since he keeps doing it.

However, the first couple episodes can only be described as epic.  Seriously, in one episode alone you have like evil ghosts, assassination attempts, giant skeleton warriors, a serpent dragon thing and then this:

Secretary Kim, looking like David Bowie.

Seriously, when I see this, I think this:

I maybe had a crush on the goblin king growing up, but why not?  He has fantastic hair and a sexy neck and collarbone.  We'll just ignore those tight pants and focus up top.  Ahem.

You know they are doing something right when it's this exciting and compelling and the main characters haven't even grown up yet.  I usually have to suffer through those first few childhood episodes to see my true love who made me watch a show where they start off as kids to give you the tragic back story that started it all.  The first few episodes were so epic and intense that I am a little worried about what is going to happen when everyone grows up, so far it's been more on the funny side, but still promising.  I hope it stays this awesome, because I am totes sold already.  Whoo hoo!

Shots of epicness in episode 1 of all things:

Most dramas like to leave you with awful cliffhangers that drive you crazy and keep you marathoning, or if the show is current, counting down the days until the next episode comes out.  This one, because of the sheer epicness of the show itself, is like cliffhangers on steroids.

It's like wham!

The main character is dying and he's still a kid!  No!  He has to grow up to be Jung Il Woo!

And I immediately watch episode two.  Which ends like bam!

And I moan and wait impatiently for the next week, which turned a bit more on the funny side, but still looks promising...

Here is a mixture of later episodes to get you just as excited:

This kid crying some more.

Still really great cinematography.

New and improved with facial hair.  Done.

These ghosts are a big source of the comedy so far, making the epic suddenly comedy, but that's ok.

Jung Il Woo finally here as our lead.

Whoever this is, I'm staring at him too, along with that Inn Ahjumma.

So far I can't tell if Yunho's character is just boring, or whether he still isn't a good actor.  I'm leaning more towards a boring character, but at least he gets to fight good.

The cliffhangers are less compelling now, because it's setting up the present and the epicness is waiting for the build, but we're ready for that to happen all over again, as it will inevitably be just as epic later.

With more of this guy pulling some bad controlly strings.

 And our hero getting more melancholy as the plot thickens, looking beautiful while doing it.

So get ready for some of everything, apparently.  Epic, historical, fantasy, comedy, and eventually some romance too.  Can't wait.

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