Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bromances that Saved the Drama

After finally finishing Doctor Stranger, after falling so far behind while on vacation, I felt the need to appreciate bromances.  Mostly because that was by far my favorite part of the drama.  Sure I liked the love story, and wanted there to be two couples rather than a love triangle, but mostly I just wanted North Koran and Revenge Boy to love each other like I knew they really did.  I wanted them to just break down all that crap and just be besties for forever.  Seriously.

This moment, when Park Hoon is finally allowed to come back and finish the competition.  Look at Jae Joon's face!

And then this happens.

Aw, you two.  Just... awwwwwwww.

Another cute moment, after all that resistance:

And then this left me with all the good feels that I needed to make up for all the ridiculousness of the drama:

Yep.  I can't handle how cute those two are.  Come on, Revenge Boy, don't be afraid to show your feelings!  We know ;)

Here are some other bromances that have really livened up their dramas lately.

I wasn't expecting bromance in Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team, but then again, I really didn't know what to expect going into that.  It was one big bromance type deal between all four of these dudes, whether they were old or young.

From the start they all had good "bro" chemistry.

Yes, yes it is.  And you four were the best.  Even when you pretended not to like each other, or had drama to interrupt it.

But to the end it was delightful.

Yep, I just loved all of them, especially how they acted together.  It made for a lot of funnies in the show.

You're All Surrounded was totally made by their little family of detectives, and there were millions of bromoments that made me happy.  Here are some of the best:

They're such a cute little family.

So the latest episodes of Trot Lovers were driving me crazy with the whole amnesia thing, but boy did some of these moments help.  I loved the father/son duo so much:

You can totally see where this dude gets his weirdness from

Also, this moment was the best ever.  I really hope this means that they are working together now, cause I want them to be bros.

Lastly, this awkward expression of bromance in Love Myself.. Or You was so hilarious.  I loved it.  Just because those two are so perfect as bros.

Yep, I like where this is going.  Feel free to keep this going, please.

In conclusion, bromances are great, and whether the show is awesome or awful, a bromance done right will make it that much better.

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