Thursday, July 31, 2014

Messing with the Moto Chinese Input: Chinese Auto Correct Fail

So, after really getting into Taiwanese dramas, Lizabreff and I decided to play with the Moto Chinese Input on our phones.  This allows you to draw the characters and it will recognize what you are writing and give suggestions.

We would send random Chinese characters to each other, use Google translate, and then laugh at what random crap we said.

This is fun... but it's also a bit dangerous I guess.

Here is a conversation we had when I attempted to write out a real sentence:

Considering how many languages are being used in this, we've got drama problems.  The languages of all our dramas sneak into all conversations and make us near incoherent.  They also make us use ridiculous nicknames for each other.  Such as calling our best friend Yeobo or Jagi  Yep, that's what happens... I should actually just learn one or more of those languages... wait, isn't that what watching dramas is? ;)

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