Thursday, July 31, 2014

Messing with the Moto Chinese Input: Chinese Auto Correct Fail

So, after really getting into Taiwanese dramas, Lizabreff and I decided to play with the Moto Chinese Input on our phones.  This allows you to draw the characters and it will recognize what you are writing and give suggestions.

We would send random Chinese characters to each other, use Google translate, and then laugh at what random crap we said.

This is fun... but it's also a bit dangerous I guess.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Get Out" of the "Back Seat"

I was looking forward to the JYJ comeback.  Then I saw the MV for Back Seat:


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Men That Make Me Watch Dramas Against My Will: Smile Edition

Some actors just have that amazing power of making me watch a drama in spite of my better judgement.  I know the show will be crap/lame/bad/cray cray/super dramatic and so on, but I still watch them because of that one actor.

Sometimes it's to the extent that I've watched every show they've been in, and some of them were so bad (I'm talking to you, Yoon Si Yoon!)

Sometimes it's because of their smiles.  Those smiles that can make me watch even the dumbest of dramas.  Stop killing me with those smiles, you... super attractive and beautifully smiling men.

Sometimes watching that show ends up to be not that bad of a deal, but sometimes you finish and say to yourself "why the heck did I just watch that?" and then you see that man's smile again and you know why and feel no shame.  In fact, you hop online to look up another show he's been in, because you just can't get enough of that smile (or that neck and the rest of the face/body too).

Those are the some of the ones that I'm talking about here.  Bad or good, these dramas were watch purely for that man and his amazing smile.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Neck No-No's

Vivi asked me, for the purpose of science, to make a list of the 10 worst necks.  I found that hard to do at first, since I tend to try and forget yucky necks and it's mean to pick on people for their necks.  Not much you can do... nope I guess there is a lot you can do.

So, instead I composed this list of 10 neck no-nos.  Here are things that should never happen so that even if the neck is not on the level of my top 10 necks, at least it will never be on the list of 10 worst necks that must exist somewhere in my brain.

In Flight Films Fail... or Win?

I recently went on a trip to Northern Europe and flew with SAS Scandinavian Airlines.  It was a 9 hour flight from Chicago to Copenhagen on the way up and an 8.5 hour flight from Stockholm to Chicago on the way back.  Besides the long cramped flight time (and weird beans they made me eat for dinner on the way up- they put them in the salad and the main dish!  I think they were Lima Beans...) there was the problem with their movie selection.  I'm there for 9 hours, at least they should give me something good to watch!

Ok, I did enjoy watching Captain America 2 on the way up, but other than that the movie options were weird and the same both times.  You'd think that after two weeks they would have some new movie selections.  Nope, same weird collection of foreign films, including less than exciting American films that I had either no desire to see or had already seen.  Result: I ended up watching every Asian film on those flights.  Also, don't try to watch Grand Budapest Hotel on a flight, it just doesn't work even if you are interested in watching it.  Wes Anderson on a plane just isn't compelling enough.

Summary:  Chinese comedies which were hilarious with plenty eye rolling moments of ridiculousness and Japanese dramas that left me thinking either "wut?" or "hmmmmmmm.... k"  So here we go.  They were actually pretty good, not the worst thing that I watched, and some I would actually recommend.