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Just You vs. Fall In Love With Me- two chances to see the same hot neck

It seems like everyone in my drama circle is watching Fall In Love With Me, which they probably should, because Aaron Yan.  Yep, that's the number one reason.  Jack Li is probably reason number 2, if that wasn't already the Aaron Yan OST.  I guess you could shove that into reason number 1, but I'd prefer to make it number 2 and Jack Li number 3.

Aaron Yan and Jack Li both have amazing necks.  In fact, Jack's neck bumps him up from a cute guy to a hot guy.

Aaron Yan is my first Taiwanese bias.  I started watching Just You as my first Taiwanese drama, followed closely by Love Around.  This was because they were both current at the time and waiting for one episode every week was super lame and hard (Korean Dramas have spoiled us!)  But Just You has also brought me to realize how much I love Aaron Yan's neck, and good necks in general.

So, loving Aaron Yan like I do, I was excited to hear about his new drama.  It seems like its purpose is literally to make us all fall in love with Aaron Yan... everyone but Tao Le Si.  What's her problem?  Even in the pictures and promotional photos we see posted of them, their advertisements, etc, she seems stiff and awkward around him... maybe he's too hot for her too.  Either that or she no likey the touchy.  I can understand that.

Anyways.  Since we've reached that period in Fall In Love With Me when everything starts getting crappy, I think it's a good time to compare the things we love and hate about both shows.  This is not meant to lessen either, since I will clearly love them both, even if it's just for Aaron's sake.

Just You:

I really liked Aaron's character, Qi Yi, in the fact that there were layers that we had to get to.  This is more obvious in Fall In Love With Me since the show revolves around the many different sides of him, but in Just You we have to wait to find out the real him.  He's so vulnerable and scared on the inside and he hides behind that tough shell.

Aaron's hair.  Yes.  I love it red and sticking straight out.  Why not?  It's his sexy power hair.

Puff Guo.  I love her.  I love Liang Liang from her cute little hair cut to her shorts and skinny legs.  I love her loud voice and great facial expressions.  She was real and relateable.  And she has great chemistry with Aaron.  I know that was everyone's beef when Fall In Love With Me came out, they all wanted Puff- I did too (and still do)- and we all ship Puff and Aaron (Go away Heechul!)  I do think she could have done a much better job than Tia.  She's a much better actress than Tia, but Tia has her charms too.

Dean. Hot, Japanese man.  Fun, nice, helpful at making Qi Yi stop being so wishy washy and go after his Liang Liang.  Best other guy ever, because he's also the best friend and bromance dude.  We love bromances. Not the best actor in the world, but he makes up for that in his sexiness (look at that neck) and the likeability of his character.

That Bitca (Buffy reference)  How I hate that bitca.  The worst part is she waltzes in halfway through the series and turns a perfectly good drama in to a less fun drama.  The other girl is the worst other girl ever.  She's so annoying.  She's sneaky, evil, and so selfish.  Every time she makes the "I'm so pitiable face" I wanted to punch the screen.  Rather her face via the screen.

The mom drama.  Not my fave.  She was annoying, but we could relate to her more.  She needed to not be friends with the bitca too.

OST- awesome.  I think Unstoppable Sun is still my favorite Aaron Yan song.  Just saying.

So much chemistry.  Every time they almost kissed I was: dang it! I want to kiss that!  Seriously, he's got sexy lips too.

If I saw that, I would react like this too:
Mmmmm yeah.

Fall In Love With Me:

Aaron Yan gets to play two characters that are both him.  Yes!  We see both sides of the same character, and he does a very convincing job of keeping them from thinking he's the same person... too good of a job?  Love his hair again as his Lu Tian Xing self.  Love his glasses as Xiao Lu.  Love his face.  Love love love his neck.

Amazing, all Aaron OST.  Love love love it.  Makes all the lame stuff I'm about to talk about it better.

Tao Le Si.  I really hate her character.  It doesn't help that Tia plays her stone face most of the time.  Come on, make a facial expression.  Please?

Also, she jumps to conclusions so fast.  Why is she so quick to place the blame on other people (aka Lu Tian Xing)?  Why is she so obsessed with Xiao Lu that she can't even fathom looking at the guy who looks exactly like him? (to the point that her heart rate wont even go up one bit? Impossible!)  Worst of all, in recent episodes, why is she so selfish that all she cares about is getting lied to that she can't even worry about the girl who got paralyzed because of her (I mean it was at least partially her fault, but does she worry about her one second?  No.  I bet when he was carrying Huan Huan away all she was thinking about was: "He lied to me.  Xiao Lu doesn't exist.  Tian Xing is going to take Oz away.)  I mean, most people would be like- Ah!  is this girl alright?  Is she going to die?

Why does she hate Lu Tian Xing?  I'm still not sure.  She must have a talent for demonizing people, because he sure hasn't done anything to warrant that kind of hatred.  She could dislike him without being so violent.  Why does he like her?  Seriously.

Oz staff- so one sided.  They are embarrassing.  What gives them the right to judge people?  When they all first met the Tian Ji team, they were automatically so very rude that I was like, what?  How unprofessional.  How not acceptable.  Why?  Jealousy?  Every time someone said that the only thing that Oz had was Leo, I was like AMEN!  Seriously.  They kept talking about the fresh creativity of Oz... but whose creativity was it?  Leo's and Xiao Lu's.  No one else has an ounce of talent.  They are all just one sided followers who are friends to Tao Le Si and nothing else.  As a friend, I like Miao Miao, but not as an Oz member.  As comedic relief, I like that short funny hair guy, but what does he even do at Oz?

Lance, why are you so hot?  I need you to stop doing douchey things so I can feel ok about being attracted to you.  I love you as an older brother, but what do you want to do with your life besides screwing over small companies like Oz?  Also, be the lead in your next show so I can love you fully.

Leo, stop staring off into space, but don't turn into dumb other man... oh wait, you already did.  I loved the first fight over Le Si, the kung fu keep away from the flower on her head, classy.  Now that he's confessed to her when he probably should have cleared up her misunderstanding that Tian Xing wants to take away Oz, (sigh) well, we'll see.  His problem is that he knows better, but he's not proactive.  He needs to tell the rest of Oz to shut up and grow up and not just stare off into space and jump when his chance finally pops up... or so he thinks.


Just you has a hateful bitca, but Fall In Love With Me has a hateful... um dislikeable?... annoying? lead girl.

Both have awesome OSTs, but Fall In Love With Me has more awesomeness (aka more Aaron Yan songs).

I'm annoyed with Tao Le Si now, but this show isn't over, so I'll not jump to conclusions.

Both other mens are good, but Leo is stare weird while Dean is too self sacrificing... did he ever think he had a chance?

Evil other peeps?  They'll all be good by the end, that's Taiwan's way.  They're very redemptive of their other peeps.  The annoying mom to the bitca in Just You; I'm sure the same will happen to Lance, Aunty, Huan Huan and I hope all of Oz.

While I was yelling about how much I hated the Just You bitca, I feel more frustration at more people in Fall In Love With Me.  However, I also have more eye candy (even in the bad dude is hot), more good OST music, and still a chance to make up for the crap that is happening these next episodes.

Let me see: hot neck, hotter neck, stone face.  Also, Leo is just staring.  Yep, this is a good description of the show, in very very basic terms.

I think there are more people to hate in Fall In Love With Me, but that doesn't mean that will stay that way.  The most important part is that there is also more Aaron to love.  The poor writing might make the next few episodes unbearable, hopefully there will be more redemptive qualities as well.  Even while confessing (which I hated) I had to admire Leo's beautiful, beautiful neck.

(P.S., if you want to see more of Jack Li's hot neck in a character you will actually love, watch Love Family.  The show is ridiculous, but its got lots of hot mens in it.)

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  1. Ah! "Unstoppable Sun", also one of my personal Aaron favourites. I also laughed out loud at the "Let me see: hot neck, hotter neck, stone face. Also, Leo is just staring. Yep, this is a good description of the show, in very very basic terms." sentences. I am so glad you are joining the bloggersphere, and sharing your excellent, excellent humour.