Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Angel Eyes and Heavenly Bodies

This show was designed to make us cry.  I didn't use to be a crier, but Bollywood and old age has changed that.  Now shows like Angel Eyes are sending me off every episode.  Seriously, stop messing with the moms.  They aren't allowed to die and stuff, man!  If there ever was a plot so highly based on the bad fate between a group of people, then this is it.  It was handled as well as a fateful plot can be, but the drama was very extreme.

However, at least this gave us other things as well.  Lots of mens with heavenly, heavenly bodies.

Kim Ji Suk.  Rawr.

What happened?  I thought he was so ugly in Personal Taste.  He was ok in Cheongdamdong Alice.  Then, all the sudden (probably starting around I Need Romance 2012, which I need to watch for him alone), he is a sexy, sexy man.

It started with Running Man.  I think I had already started watching the show when I got around to watching the Running Man vs. Angel Eyes episode.  And I saw this:

And I was like, "Hmm, that's a pretty good neck you have there, Kim Ji Suk.  Also, he is hilarious.  Apparently he is the Lee Kwang Soo of variety like 10 years ago when he was a young'un.  That just bumped him up farther in my favor.

Then he's all being like a sweet second lead and I'm all like aw!

Whew, I'm really going to have to watch INR 2012, just to see him, even though I know how it ends for him!

And Lee Sang Yoon...  All I can say is this hair cut has made him ten times as attractive to me than ever before.  He didn't really work the Joseon get up in Jung Yi, but this hair... yep.

And in a doctor's coat... double yep

And with a baby... dang it.

Basically both mens are way too good for this girl, and she treats them both way crappy... comparatively.  As in, they treat her so well that it makes her look like a bit of a jerk.  (sigh).

Then the two male leads had the most beautiful bromance ever.  I wanted way more of that, but sadly that little ho got in the way.  But I guess they both knew her first so... still... just love each other, man!  More of this:

The drama pretty much made it so that wont happen again for a while.

For all the crap I went through I was suddenly rewarded with two steamy brooding shower scenes.  Two!  From both dudes.  IN THE SAME EPISODE!  I don't know about you, but that made this whole show worth it right there.  Especially since they both have such good bodies.  Just look:

That neck.  Mmm

Those abs.  Shoot.

Dang his back.

Brooding while licking his manly lip cut.

Ok, we don't need to watch the rest of the show now...

Actually, there is more.  I love love love the sound track.  Especially this song:

And of course Seungri.

He's actually the number one reason I started this in the first place.  Everything else was just an added bonus.  But Seungri actually saved it for me by being adorable when everything else was crappy.  His bad little American Korean accent.  That was nice and consistent.  I think he did a very good job.  Here is just some of his adorableness:

The cinematography is really great too.

Ok... that's just hot crying.  I need to stop... wait one more...

Yes!  That neck too!

And both dudes with wet hair... my other weakness next to necks.


I think I've gotten a little side tracked...

As gratifying as this post is... The heavenly bodies of Angel Eyes probably was what made it worth it.  If you don't mind crying every episode and rolling you eyes at every time someone got into a car accident/almost died, or yelling at people for doing bad things in spite of their conscious.  I think that for every time someone pulled a "noble idiocy" type deal, the lie was quickly discovered, and if that didn't work then someone much wiser than them told them how stupid they were being (and then an accident would prove the wise person right).

So if you needed a reason to give this a chance, here are a few.  While it's not the best show in the world and I didn't love it, I never hated it either, and it was quite enjoyable for the eyes and ears.


  1. MarlubsGD, you are so awesome. I also need to watch this drama I think...also, it has Seungri and I lub him. Maybe not as much as TOP, but still, I lub him.

    1. Even with all the crying I didn't hate it. Some parts were frustrating, but on the whole I always knew when I needed to watch it because some part of the OST would be stuck in my head. I was way more excited to watch this one than Dr. Stranger. I always forget that I like that one ok in between times that I watch it. I think I'm 3 or 4 episodes behind already. But this one had enough good stuffs that I didn't ever get "ugh" about it. Watch it just for the men and the music, that's clearly enough.

    2. Those are most excellent reasons to watch the drama ^^